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by valant

Hi guys,

I haven't been active on forum lately, however I've been reading it a lot. In the past year I've been working on "link cables", similar to nokon or iLink, however I've chosen carbon composite as a build material. I'm almost finished with my project now and I'd be more than grateful if you could help me by filling up the survey on the link below.
Considering all the experience you have, your answers would help me inprove our product and develop it in a way that it would suit the needs of our customers.

In case you have any suggestions, ideas, critics, you are more than welcome to share them in this thread.

Thank you for your time!

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by TimmS

Provide us with a set to test than we can give real feedback :wink:

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by Elrey

Done. Cables please. Thank you :wink:

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by Flyfishing3


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by valant

I must thank everyone who took his time, you guys are great! :beerchug: Keep'em coming! :lol:

Regarding test sets - I am planning to have a pre-production series finished in about a month or so.
When we're done with all the testing I might give a few sets to public, so I get feedback from users. :wink:

I will share our progress in this thread so you'll be up to date :)
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by BmanX

In to see more about these.

Cervelo SLC 5960g/13.13 lbs

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by elfuinha


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by bugmenot

Survey completed. Good luck with this.

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by ash1

complete, interesting product :thumbup:

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by ico


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by sugarkane

Endorsed by Jure Berk so you off too a flying start right there!
I'm in and interested!

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by dereksmalls

Survey completed but got this error right at the end - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/www/ on line 1222

Were we meant to add contact details or anything?

Good luck with it all, hope it goes well for you

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by valant

Thanks guys,

the survey is coming out really good, I received a great deal of useful answers!

@Derek, I'm not sure what went wrong; I believe it had to be some kind of server problem, as I've tried to fill it up myself and it worked just fine. :noidea:

@sugarkane Berk's been helping me on this project from the very beginning - in fact, he's the one, who gave the initial idea for the link cable system project.
His basic idea was to combine the experience that we got during our racing career with the technology in plastics and composites, that our family business has.

Here are rough specifications of the cable set:
It is a link system, the material used for the housings is carbon fiber reinforced nylon (same as used in most production saddles), teflon liner and stainless steel cables. Brake and shifter systems will come in different diameters for optimal performance :thumbup:
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by plpete

Done. Looking forward to seeing some photos. How flexible will the housing be in order to route some tighter bends and etc?

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