What type of chainlube do you use?

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What type of chainlube do you normally use?

Wax based
Parrafin drip
Thin oil
Thick oil
Oil with solvent
Total votes: 85

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by sugarkane

I've been using tri flow Teflon spray. It produces much more build up on the chain and jockeys than the wd40 polymer I'm trying now. Same conditions coastal city roads not too much water
Re applying once a week/200kms.
Both work well but the tri flow gums up the chain more

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by g00se

5 8 5 wrote:Rock n Roll Gold gets my vote for anytime barring winter.

djm wrote:Anyone have suggestions for winter use?

The Morgan Blue syn stuff holds up nicely except for in the conditions we have now with salty slush. It seems to eat the lube off the chain instantly :-)

Trying to find something that holds better but also doesn't turn into a thick, greasy paste that doesn't come off when I try to clean it..

Know what you mean. UK normally has similar conditions (wet & salty this year!). I'm using Muc Off Wet Lube. For those conditions I've found it to be the best.
It's very tenacious and stays on the chain for the whole ride but is easy to degrease and clean off afterwards.

I've been using the Morgan Blue Extra Dry - which is aimed at MTB and CX, so has more water resistance than the name suggests - but I wouldn't say it's good for the current conditions in the UK. I've got the Muc Off wet Lube on the single speed this winter and it does it's job - but things do get a bit grubby.

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by asdf123

Any users of Morgan Blue Coarse or Race Oil? I'm sick of my old Rohloff and thinking about getting White Lightning or a MB product.

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by mattythemod

Fenwicks steatlh lube .

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by Bogan

Still using TriFlow after who knows how many years.
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