What type of chainlube do you use?

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What type of chainlube do you normally use?

Wax based
Parrafin drip
Thin oil
Thick oil
Oil with solvent
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by sstefanov

HammerTime2 wrote:
sstefanov wrote:ProLink Extreme here. Just wiping down the chain and applying to every roller. Chain is clean and quiet.
Have you also used ProGold Prolink? Other than costing more, how does ProGold Xtreme compare to ProGold Prolink? Does ProGold Xtreme keep the drivetrain as clean as ProGold ProLink does? Does it clean the chain as effectively when it is applied as part of a relubing?

I have used the ProGold ProLink for may be 4-5 years before switching to Progold Xtreme. It is basically the same lube, but a bit thicker. It lasts longer in the wet/mud and the chain stays as clean as the ProLink. Quite happy with it to be honest, I do not see a reason to use ProLink again, but bear in mind that I only ride a mountain bike.


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by asdf123

I used Shimano wet lube but since couple of years I use Rohloff with great result.

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by prendrefeu

Summer - Purple Extreme
Not-Summer - Dumonde Tech Original

Currently trying - Boeshield T9, Rock n' Roll Gold

Dumonde Tech Original is becoming my overall favourite though.
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by bazmac

willieboy wrote:
Razor wrote:Dumonde Tech Original. Doesn't clog up, very quiet chain and long lasting.

+1. This is the best I've found so far. One drop on each link, work it in and wipe off the excess. Wipe down chain after every ride and apply every 100-150 miles as needed. Keeps thing quiet and smooth.

+1 agree this is the best.

Also need to add that the type of ridding conditions will effect what is best.

Cheers baz

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by CulBaire

I've been using Rock Lube "Blue" for a few years on the mountain bike, by far the best lube I've used for our dusty dry conditions here. I've also been using using it on the roady but found it attracts a little too much dirt. Alot of locals recommend Rock Lube "Gold" for the road so I am going to give that a go when I change the chain in a few weeks.

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by bura

Chosen "thin oil".
Indeed I do use "very thin & cheap oil" called diesel fuel.
Cleaning again goes with same liquid by uninstalling the chain and keeping it in diesel for approx 24h typically after 350 to 400 kms.
Collects dust but cleaning your chain more often is the key.
May be I am old fashioned.
Or did not like "dry lubing" wax type stuff because it easy fills up every hole in my chain and is APITA to clean of my pins and links drilled chain.
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by Ozrider

Rock n Roll Gold in summer ( dry weather) and Rock n Roll Extreme (Blue) in wet weather. They work well, and it is easy to keep the chain clean with a quick wipe. I also use Rock n Roll Superweb grease for bearings and Rock n Roll Red Devil for general lubrication.
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by Kayrehn

+1 for rock and roll - I'm lazy to clean the chain prior to applying lube so it gets my vote for doing both together.

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by Sjoerd

Oil of Rohloff. Love the stuff, bought a one litre can.

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by xnavalav8r

I am a big fan of PEDRO'S Ice Wax.

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by Bridgeman

0W 5 synthetic motor oil.

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by MileHighMark

NixFrixShun has been working well for me.

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by bura

xnavalav8r wrote:I am a big fan of PEDRO'S Ice Wax.

This one especially tried as a dry lube and it may lube well but IAPITA to clean off your chain.
If you have a hollow pinned and some light weight drilled linked chain like the chains nowadays all are, then I would stay away from Pedro's Ice Wax.
Or cleaning each pinhole and links is a habit you just do not want to miss. :roll:
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by barsook77

rmerka wrote:I chose Thick oil because I use Dumonde BCL (original bluish-green stuff) and it seems pretty thick to me as far as chain lubes go. It seems to last the longest and works really good. But I use it mostly because it smells like coconuts.

Yep...works great. BUT, it's way too easy to over saturate the chain if you are a first time user. Use sparingly.

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by Gunjira

Verity light oil for races. Effect will wear of after 150k or so, but first feels like there is no chain at all. It's what the Keirin guys use, so...
Finish line ceramic for rainy season. Lasts, but cleaning is messy.
Pedros Chainj medium oil for general use because rather then degreasing you can just squeeze on more and wipe off.

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