What type of chainlube do you use?

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What type of chainlube do you normally use?

Wax based
Parrafin drip
Thin oil
Thick oil
Oil with solvent
Total votes: 85

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

After reading this topic in cycle chat I found myself wondering what most of the users on here use. I could have made a list of all the lube suppliers in the world, but then I would have forgotten at least half of them. And, the poll only has 10 options to choose from, so we would never get there. :mrgreen:

in stead of that I am wondering what type of oil you use.

Wax based like squirt, etc.
Parrafin drip, Double boiler all the way
Thin oil, thin slippery lube that gets between every notch and cranny
Thick oil, yup, thick
Oil with solvent, Is thin and slippery at first and then dries to a fatty layer, like boeshield etc.
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by rmerka

I chose Thick oil because I use Dumonde BCL (original bluish-green stuff) and it seems pretty thick to me as far as chain lubes go. It seems to last the longest and works really good. But I use it mostly because it smells like coconuts.
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by KvnP

NFS chain lube !
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by Razor

Dumonde Tech Original. Doesn't clog up, very quiet chain and long lasting.

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by Getter

Road bike: Squirt
Mountain: Rock N Roll blue.

I used Chain-L for a while...keeps the chain quiet...but man...that stuff is messy.

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by willieboy

Razor wrote:Dumonde Tech Original. Doesn't clog up, very quiet chain and long lasting.

+1. This is the best I've found so far. One drop on each link, work it in and wipe off the excess. Wipe down chain after every ride and apply every 100-150 miles as needed. Keeps thing quiet and smooth.

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by dmp

willieboy wrote:
Razor wrote:Dumonde Tech Original. Doesn't clog up, very quiet chain and long lasting.

+1. This is the best I've found so far. One drop on each link, work it in and wipe off the excess. Wipe down chain after every ride and apply every 100-150 miles as needed. Keeps thing quiet and smooth.

me too- great stuff. But I am not sure which category it fits into for Frankie's survey. I always thought of it as kind of thin, but it leaves a plastic residue.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Rock N Roll Gold

Was recommended to me by someone I admired when I was a neophyte roadie. That's why I couldn't change if I tried today. Right, wrong or indifferent - at least I acknowledge it!

I've been happily using Gold to clean and lube my KMC X9/10SL chains for years (road and MTB more recently). It keeps them running quietly with no squeaking - not to mention clean looking, too.
About once a month I soak it once in an old water bottle, quickly wipe it, soak it again and finally give it a thorough cleaning with q-tips between the links.

I drip apply it to each link ~weekly otherwise.

Edited to add that I primarily ride in dry conditions.
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by nickf

Best stuff I ever used. NixFrixShun. http://www.velocipedesalon.com/forum/f3 ... 29984.html

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by Rick

I'm using Dupont aerosol dry film lubricant. Been using it for about a year and a half.

The same can used to say "dry wax lubricant" but no longer contains the word "wax" and rumor has it that they changed to formula a little. But it still seems to work fine.

Up until that I was using Finish Line Century lube, which is a heavy oil. The "dry" or "light" lubes I had tried prior to that would not even keep the chain lubed for an entire century, But the Century lube got horribly black and dirty, so I kept experimenting with every lube anyone recommended. The Dupont seems to strike a good balance between being "dry" and non-dirt-attracting, but lasts as long as I need it to. I also like the aerosol because you can blow off old dirty lube while applying the clean stuff.

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by TwiggyTN

Rain bike = Rock & Roll Extreme
Others = Rock & Roll Gold

I only have road bikes and it's the best stuff I've tried and very easy to apply if you follow the directions.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Dumonde Tech Original. Absolutely love it.

Also confused where it fits in the poll... I voted it as a thin oil.

Although I have also read the wax thread... now considering... something that bothers me terribly (first world problems, I know) is a "black" chain from dirty oil/grit.
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by Geoff

Still like Prolink...

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by wojchiech


I bought a bottle over a year ago and there's still a couple applications left. Apply to every link and wipe excess. After wiping down after the first couple rides, the chain seems to keep the same for sometimes more than 2,000k after application even with wet riding. Of course being a thick oil, the chain is never truly spotless, but I'll take a long lasting lube that works in all conditions over a lube that keeps your chain clean, but lasts only a couple hundred km. Chain wear seems to be a lot less - I replaced my chain twice last year, and I ride quite a bit. I might try a different lube once this runs out, but then again I might just stick to Chain-L.

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by spdntrxi


seems to fit my needs so far

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