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by mattr

Cross bike, 700*35 dubbdäck.
Mud guards if it's above about -10 (as the stuff they spray in the roads to melt the ice works down to about -8, depending where you live) no guards below -10 (as you are asking trouble with snow/ice clogging them up.)

Decent set of winter kit and you should be set for 25 below.

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by wickedwheels

Well, NY wasn't so bad. And it ended fairly quickly.

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by aerozy

I hit the deck twice in one ride last week. Based in the UK. Forecast for that day was 5C but as I found my self in no mans land it ended up being -2C.

Slipped on a downhill section which was completely iced up. Car behind me also started spinning. He was only about 1m behind me all the way down the hill. We both almost went into a car which was climbing up the hill on the opposite lane. I could have easily been sandwiched up between them, luckily we both managed to come to a halt just in time. Feeling very lucky to be alive. Lots of road rash but no broken bones.

Went for a ride yesterday in the rain in slightly warmer conditions +7C and have completely lost my confidence on the bike. Hopefully Ill regain it back with some crashless rides.
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by outnumbered

aerozy wrote:
Went for a ride yesterday in the rain in slightly warmer conditions +7C and have completely lost my confidence on the bike. Hopefully Ill regain it back with some crashless rides.

I'm sure you're thinking that every damp-looking road is hiding black ice :( A few non-icy rides ought to get you feeling less paranoid...

These days I'm quite wary about ice, so if it's been close to freezing overnight after damp/wet weather I don't go out until mid-morning when it's usually warmed up a bit, and also stick to larger roads that have been gritted, where possible.

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by Dalai

What I'd do for some cooler weather right now... Summer has finally hit here with a vengeance. Currently 43C outside with the next three days forecast to be 41C, 41C and 42C before expecting a cool change Friday night!

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by VPR

Finally some winter here in Finland. -16°C this morning, not many other cyclists on my 13 km morning commute. :D

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by xnavalav8r

I really enjoy a nice ride in the snow. Sadly, no snow in The Netherlands this year (so far).

Photo from a nice ride in Newport, RI a couple years ago...


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by legs 11

Had a 'get off' on the black ice a couple of weeks ago as well Aerozy. :oops: Luckily no serious damage, just a little bit of gravel rash (unlike the guy in front of me who wrecked his bike and bust his collar bone!)
Nearly another one this morning as well.
I hate the cold and enormous amount of black ice we get here in the UK.......(infrastructure issues with the local authorities).
Bring back the mild weather and pissing rain that's what I, I've got waterproof skin and can get used to riding in the rain, but can't do much faced with areas of black ice you can't even see until you've hit the deck.
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by DMF

Why not just get spiked tires, Schwalbe and Nokian makes great ones. For some fun you can go spiked in front and regular treaded tire on the rear, and then learn to rally drift around bends, or even do the 'swedish flick'.

Yeah, not 100% serious on the last part, but actually, you could!

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