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by airwise

Hi All

Does anyone else find the level of intrusive advertizing on the Cycling News website utterly off putting and ridiculous?

I've long visited their site but no more. Even with Ad Block plus it's hard to see the Cycling News for the billboard full of people trying to sell me something. This is NOT the future of the internet if they want to keep readers. :x

by Weenie

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by ghisallo2003

Agreed. Combined with the bad journalism.

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by carbon2329

I agree as well.

It's a little "trashy" as well. Now I'm not going to judge (that's personal) but when I get nervous to look at it at work, for fear of a colleague thinking I am looking at inappropriate things in the work place, then it's gotten annoying.
(I'm the boss, but I don't want my staff to think the boss is looking know).

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by maquisard

I think is much better, more like how Cyclingnews used to be. The latter went downhill rapidly when Future / Bikeradar bought the site. It used to be a great source for cycling news and features and you could tell it was being run by enthusiasts. Now it just appears to be a channel for advertising and we have have poor journalism from Daniel Benson and others.

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by AGW

You may still run across Cycling News, but similar stories are usually grouped so you can choose a different source.

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by ave

I'm ok with how it looks, and how many adverts it's showing.
It's quite up to date, has all the news and results I'm interested in, and it's free.

I'm not using adblock (never used), and it's not bad at all. It shows me many ads that are relevant to me.

If they started to show pictures in bigger size, I'd be perfectly satisfied.

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by Posix1b

Use flashblock, adblock and for a better experience.

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by coloclimber

I wish that would help with all the spelling and grammatical errors.
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by djm

Haven't really noticed the ads.. running Chrome with some adblock plugin.

by Weenie

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