Sudden lack of flexibilty?

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by tinchy

I know there no quick fix to this just wanted to hear your opinions.

Ive been riding since mid teens, now 22 and just had my first ride after a good month off. Whist out today I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable riding on the hoods, as if I was putting far to much pressure on my hands. Yet I've rode that position all season, and at one point even had a greater drop to the hoods cos of the different handlebar position. Because nothings changed on the bike since I last got on it and Ive had no other injury, Im left wondering if 4 weeks off really is long enough to lose all feel for the position riding puts your body in? The only other potential contributing factor is since getting back to uni Ive started doing more winter stuff, swimming 3x a week and gym - could working different muscle groups cause me to 'seize up' more in the riding position?

Any thoughts?

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by Zakalwe

First ride in a good month, you say?

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by tinchy

well a month yeah

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by Ozrider

It's not sudden. Four weeks is a fair time to lose fitness and flexibility if you have been doing no exercise at all.
Just get back into it with some base building rides and a stretching regime. At your age you should pick up fitness and improve flexibility in a few weeks.

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by GT56

my bikes grow and shrink dependant the time of the year

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by stella-azzurra

The fitness might be a bit lower in a month but you are 22 not 42. Some people are not as flexible as others.
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by eric

It's because you took time off the bike. Your muscles and brain have forgotten how to assume the position.

It'll feel normal after a week of riding.

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by konky

I'd be surprised if after a few 3 + hour rides mostly on the drops you'll be right as rain. I find even after a few lazy rides off the drops I have to force myself to drop down and get used that position again. Everyone is different but for me I think it's at least half psychological.

It may be your set up is not a natural fit. I'm sure you can quickly get used to the drop position you have but a top notch bike fit might be worth a go. Small adjustments can transform your ride comfort level. Maybe this is a benevolent sign.

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by tinchy

ok thanks all for responses, I definitely agree that some of it is probably psychological...better get back on it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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