Would you buy without a warranty?

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by jooo

If the product had a pretty good track record, I'd do it without a doubt.

Even if you did have a problem, there's a large chance you could have it fixed quite cheaply. Many people still seem to think of carbon fibre and aluminum frames as completely disposable when it's not really the case.

by Weenie

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by airwise

Canyon have a very chequered history when it comes to customer service and warranty support. That should certainly be factored into the equation although on some bikes, the frameset is effectively free. It does seem however that the value is not what it was two or three years ago.

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by vlastrada

if you have a friend/relative in Europe buy the frame using their address (maybe even name). Then, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong you will be covered.

Mishaps do happen with frames. It can be a time consuming business to get an exchange if you are unlucky. As you know the level of customer care in the bike business is pretty appalling on average both in Europe and in the US.

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by stella-azzurra

Heavily insure the package when you send it.
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by bigben99

Yes. i agree with the ,vlastrada, and insure the package when you send :beerchug:

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by elviento

Why not, if price is right? Just apply a "no warranty" discount.
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by fogflip

For a Canyon yes $350 and a good carbon repair guy can fix almost any break or crack that could ever form from a crash or error of some sort.

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