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by breakjnky

Wondering if anyone uses a non-cycling specific torch style light for night riding. I don't mean helmet mounted, but the type that are often strapped to the underside of a barfly.

It seems like there are a lot brighter, longer lasting, and cheaper lights out there which are similar in shape and function like this one. ... aignId=T9I

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by 9734344

Mini Maglite with LED upgrade and NiMH's and two fish block.
Who doesn't have a Maglite or want a two fish block

I just have the drop in 1W LED but there is the more powerful 3W where you have to replace the reflector
1W does for commuting
though I have the older
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by kbbpll

Back when I did more night riding I used something similar to the one pictured above with wrist strap, except I just strapped it to my wrist. Point it where you need it without moving your head. Flash oncoming cars front or rear, point at critters you sense are moving into your line, dangle off your wrist to light up the bike when you don't want that tunnel effect in front, grip it on the bars when you do, etc. Probably I'm the only one, but I found it a lot more flexible than something fixed to your head or bars. And cheaper.

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