How many watched USA Pro Challenge?

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by kbbpll

Stage 6 went through a new area in Colorado, and there's been some discussion locally about whether hosting was worth it. If you followed this race, please post your City and/or Country. I have no affiliation with Pro Challenge nor any local business or group; I'm just curious.

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by pastronef

I watched

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by JN2Wheels

I watched. It was awesome. Want to go next year. Maryland, USA.

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by silentassasin

I watched

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by Danza

I watched, but only the finale live.

Maryland, USA

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by petepeterson

i watched a few of the stages televised here on Sportsnet

BC, Canada

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by munk93

I also did.
Middelfart, Denmark

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by Geoff

We had planned to, but with so many events innrapid succession here in Canada (ToA, Quebec City, Montreal), I just couldn't swing it. Next year, for sure. Looked great on TV, though!

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by kbbpll

Thanks for all replies so far. Geoff, I guess I meant "watched on TV", so that counts as a "yes"!

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by jockalldrick

I thought i was going to get to watch it
But was involved in an RTA instead -----

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by MisterNoChain

I watched it on Eurosport, Belgium.

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by ave

Just as you, kbbpll, I'm curious too... About what sort of conclusions will you be able to make based on ten answers? ;)

I think I watched it too, via cyclingtorrents, but I can't remember for sure.

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by kbbpll

I don't know what conclusions are possible, @ave. Of course it's not a statistically valid survey. I guess I was thinking of using a quick summary in a letter to the local newspaper, like people from X different states/countries watched it, something like that, but hopefully the organizers are in touch with networks on this stuff and have actual numbers. I've seen some negativity locally which seems near-sighted to me, stuff like "Friday business was slower because they closed the roads" without saying anything about race day business or considering long-term impact to tourism from TV exposure, or how popular events like this just make it a cool place to live. I was just looking for something to counter the critics.

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by prendrefeu

I watched it from the country of California. ;)
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