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by aserota

Hi all,

So things went wrong with my 12 months of travelling the world and I'm about to board a flight back to the UK. There is however a positive side; I have 3-6 months of pure cycling time if I want it. I am not training for any specific event, but want to spend time on a road bike travelling round Europe and the UK. I am thinking of basing myself on farms and working 4 hours a day (for board and meals) and then cycling the rest of each day. This can be achieved all over Europe and should extend the cycling season when things get too cold in the UK.

I currently have no bike, but everything else I need to get cycling again (inc. turbo for those overly wet days). I'm stuck on deciding on a budget: I want to put in a good 80 miles a day, 6 days a week; so am leaning towards a 'better' equipped bike (i.e. Ultegra 6800). Past experience has shown it's more about frame design then frame material, so I'm not bothered if it be Aluminium or Carbon. The CAAD10 stands out as a good bet, although I'm open to any other suggestions. I'd like a bombproof wheelset so am considering the Shimano Ultegra/DA wheelsets as I've had good experience with them in the past.

So if you were in my situation, what bike would you go for? Plus, has anyone done a long(ish) trip like this before and have any comments?

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by aserota

I'm quite tempted by this Dolan: ... -bike.html

Geometry is quite aggressive in the 62cm version and with a 130mm stem it should fit perfectly (much small HT length then 61cm Allez). Frames seem to go for around £160 with fork, which leaves plenty of budget elsewhere

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by H0RSE

How many tongues can u speaks? Start there.

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by Maximilian

Dolan frames have the nickname "lamppost bikes" around here, as they mostly ride like crap. Cheap though.

I think you would be better off with an older CAAD frame. 5,6,7,8 (original) would suit your needs perfectly and be more fun to ride

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