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by boysa

Those are all monumental events, however, I think they differ from EC in that they are truly Ultra-type riding in the mold of Furnace Creek 508 and obviously the granddaddy of them all: RAAM. I don't see EC as an ultra-endurance event, but rather a two-day USA Cycling-sanctioned road race.

Not to put any of them down in ANY way, though. I think they are all truly incredible accomplishments and would love to have them all on my palmares!
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by ipdamages

I agree that there is something fundamentally different about an ultra-endurance event in which for almost all of the participants the goal is to finish and a road race like a state or national championships event. But it is a shades of gray question in that lots of people want to ride as quickly as possible in the ultra events, and EC is a prime example in that it has a Pro/1/2 race and all of the other categories, but also Clydesdale and "Tourist" categories. Even RAAM is a race.

But I agree that all of these are worthy accomplishments. In fact, for the rider who slogs through a 5,000 ft climb in anaerobic-land for two hours it is much harder than a pro who rips up it in 40 mins.

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by eric

prendrefeu wrote:Everest is technically not supported, but having people/family/friends/whatever hand you bottles is support.

They do have food and water (HEED,etc) support- there's feed stations where they'll give you bottle handups or you can stop and grab some food.
There's enough that you can do it without personal support if you stop by your car when you pass it during the race.

There is neutral support (for wheels etc) but its availabilty is sketchy- the start times are spread over an hour and the riders end up spread out
by more than that on the course.

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