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by Wingnut

Wiggle suck with their "price match & beat by 10%", they're a bunch of liars with regard to this & I'm seeing this on other forums too...
"It's not the's the ride!"

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by dereksmalls

Not so much negative but ordered some tires from Wiggle end of August to send to New Zealand, still haven't arrived yet

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by carbonLORD

I ordered a bunch of stuff (under €50) to Amsterdam, paid for the 3 day shipping and it arrived the next day.

My wife orders €120 running shoes, a bunch of tubes and bike accessories, gets no tracking, never arrives and took a month to get a refund out of Wiggle.

Then I read this stuff here...

Hope they are not falling off. They've always been a great company, even before I lived in Europe and ordered my SR10 levers back in the days to the States.

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by Nscott1463

My PBK Experience:

Ordered a cassette end of July. Given it did have to ship to the US so I figured at least 2-3 weeks, if not 5-6 weeks. Needed it for a race on Sept 22, didn't get it in time. It showed up around Sept 25th. Right around 8 weeks after ordering, seems a bit long. Especially for a cassette that's in stock (according to the website). Not sure I'll be ordering anything that is absolutely needed during that half of the year.

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by ultyguy

Pbk- showed items in stock that weren't. I complained and they cancelled.
Wiggle- generally been ok for me, can trust they have what they show. One bad experience ordering energy mix, but stupid to send that anyways I think.
Ribble- also ok, if a bit slowish and spotty stock
Totalcycling- surprisingly good, but slow order processing
Merlincycles- messed up a customs clearance and really caused me a headache, but at least didn't give me the silent treatment, and continued to communicate thru the whole thing

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by nfecyle

Should have read thread this before ordering from PBK. I ordered a cassette from PBK. First they said it was back-ordered for unspecified time, while it was shown "in stock". I asked for cancellation then they said it was mistake that they actually did dispatched the item. Then after waiting for 1 full months, they said the order should arrive shortly. At that time, I attempted to open case with paypal, but didn't because I was still expecting. Then after 2 more weeks, they told me to fill "investigation form" and it was too late to file to claim to Paypal. Money went down the drain

I had a good experience purchasing from ribble. 1 weekish to west coast.

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by kac

I have dealt with Competitive Cyclist for many years and I can only report the finest in customer service from them, including returns for any (or no) reason at all. I've bought products both small and large (a complete Wilier for my wife being an example of the latter category). I was, at first, hesitant regarding the bike, but I was informed that it could be returned for a full refund if anything at all wasn't right or if she wasn't satisfied for whatever reason. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

Note that I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company and I'm not in the bike business at all.


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