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by gt5504b

My skinsuit survived CX season well. I managed not to crash hard in it, although did end up in the soft mud once at fairly low speed. It also did a fair bit of muddy bike shouldering.

The fabric held up to regular abuse pretty well, but was he'll to clean mud spots out of. Basically I ended up hand washing any spots or muddy areas before machine washing.
Also the fabric was not a fan of pinning on numbers. It now had several tiny holes. The holes themselves don't seem to be a problem, but where they are is now white, like the sublimated area around the holes stretched away revealing the white inside fabric.
Other than that I was very happy with it, other than the white abdomen stripe not being all that flattering of my stomach in some positions.

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by are

Now that I've gotten lots of time in w/ the new kit, I have to say a love it. The bibs are compressive, but now that I'm used to it I prefer the feel to my other bibs. Also, the overall fit of the jersey for me is very good, though the arms are a bit loose. The fabric has been wearing well and it looks good.

by Weenie

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