Nervous spouse while you're out riding?

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by mdeth1313

Anyone else have one of these? :D

My wife constantly worries while I'm out riding. She never stops me from riding and only asks that I check in. A few times over the past 11 years we've had arguments about how often I should be checking in, but nothing major (and a few times I should have called or sent a text message when I didn't).

Today is an interesting entry into this saga: I was out doing a 130 mi solo ride and when I stopped to refill my water bottles I sent her a text message that said I still had about 45 mi left. If the US had just gone metric this never would have happened but my wife took that to be 45 minutes (which is usually noted as min) and I guess she started getting nervous. Fortunately, I now have an iphone and she was able to locate me and see that I was moving down a certain road (as opposed to being a hood ornament on some car or truck).

If we were just using km instead of mi none of this would have happened. At least it wasn't my fault this time!

Anyone else have a good story?
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by Weenie

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by kbbpll

My spouse secretly hopes that I never come back.

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by btompkins0112

Yeah, my wife just stalks me on "find my friend" on the iPhone.....just to be sure I am moving.

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by FIJIGabe

my wife used to stalk me on find friends on my iphone, but with my 810, i just send her an invite to track my ride when she works. she has told me that she shows off my stats to her coworkers.
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by devinci

kbbpll wrote:My spouse secretly hopes that I never come back.

OMFG where's the "like" button ahahahahah

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by liketoride

i thought that was a good one too. I have a wife that calls to talk to me during my rides. some of you have it so good just having the wife check you phone :(

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by MarkGiardini

I time my Saturday morning ride to coincide with my wife doing the housework.

That way she's too busy cleaning and thinking of things to yell at for when I get home, and doesn't have time to worry...

Man I'm a considerate husband...
I think I should treat my self to some more cycling gear.
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by Clubagreenie

A good move might be to wake up 15 mins early and empty the vacuum bag out all over the house , hide last nights dishes in a spare room them put them out everywhere , add the clean clothes to the basket of dirty clothes so the smells go thru them all .... should buy you a bit more time ....

One lucky girl :welcome:
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by Geoff

Mark, I do the housework first!

Get used to it, it's genetic. Having said that, I have gone out for a ride and woken-up in the hospital (three days later), so it is probably justified. If she's concerned, it is best to just call...

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by bura

@mdeth1313: that was the case like my wife acted,too ..but this was years ago when there were no small cellphones and no mate was carrying these big units when riding.
Think we grew up into marriage and lets hope that nowadays she has not similar hopes as kbbpll's spouse .
Still better than catching her with a saw working on the fork of my bike.
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by GASer

What's the best app to lively track a ride?

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by mdeth1313

I should clarfiy: I thought it was funny that she misread the "mi" and took it to mean "min". My wife is incredible, she's just really nervous about stuff like that. We have 2 kids but she lets me go and do all these long rides, lets me ride to family gatherings while she drives w/ the kids (she doesn't ride). I guess it helps that I was riding long before I met her.

I didn't mention the one where I was riding home from work and about 3 miles from home a thunderstorm broke out. We had a good fight over that one--

Wife: "Why didn't you call me to get you." Me: "Because I was 3 miles away- by the time you loaded _______ (my daughter was an infant at the time) into the car and got there I'd be soaked and probably struck by lightning." --- I has just crested a climb when the storm broke out.
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by Juanmoretime

My wife worries but the only thing I needed to do to make her comfortable was to get and wear a Road ID. If there was an emergency good luck on getting her to answer her cellphone.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Wife worries also.

I have an iPhone and find the Cyclemeter app to be pretty good for real time/live tracking. Keeps everyone happy, I suppose.
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by headwind816

My fiance worries about me too especially when I ride alone. It does not help that I been hit multiple times including the first month we were together along with daily threats from drivers.

Having said that, I am seriously considering the new POC road helmet with ICEdot. I mention this here in thoughts it may be a positive discussion point with your wife.

Also, we have established "rules" about checking in. It has helped a lot.

by Weenie

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