Tips on destroying or decaying an anodized finish?

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by moman

If the parts aren't already anodised find out what alloy they actually are. A higher copper content in the alloy will affect the anodising process greatly, in that it won't work properly. You will get a blotchy finish sometimes even random colours come out like when you lay paper in inky water.
I'll try and show you a picture of some of our failed parts.

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by HillRPete

Quite off topic, apologies for that, but I thought of your build goal when seeing this.

brooks-pegoretti-2 by shuffle/repeat, on Flickr

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by davidalone



Masking liquid?! I'm intrigued! Do you have more information about this. I'm already thinking I could use that same technique for other purposes too!

Thanks for the ideas everyone, it's helpful.[/quote]

this is an example of what I was talking about. ... term=20408

I haven't used it in years, as I did when i used to do airbrsuhing and miniatures painting. there are several kinds, some ranging from intended use by artists to industrial purposes. companies like valllejo, 3M, winsor and newton, make it.

it's also usd by automotive painters here:

hope that helps. I'm not sure if it wil work for your intended process though. you'd need to experiment.

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by Monkeyboy3333

yep it's great stuff, I first used it on Tamiya models as a kid, now for all sorts of applications.

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