Why won't Hipster cyclists wave back at me?

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by donham1

Just curious if anyone else sees this in their metro/suburban areas. My feelings certainly aren't hurt, but I just think it shows solidarity when one cyclist waves at another regardless of what they ride- mtn, road, 'cross, recumbent, fixie, etc.

It's not as though I'm kitted up with a bunch of Corporate logos, I just think these Hipsters are just too cool for school/flaming a-holes.


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by bikerjulio

There's sometimes a buggy.
How many drivers does a buggy have?


So let's just say I'm drivin' this buggy...
and if you fix your attitude you can ride along with me.


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by Cleaner

Speaking of hipsters.....

How much does a hipster weigh?

An instagram.

I don't have anything else to offer regarding hipster cyclists. But perhaps someone will be more amused by this than some other content.

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by mr_tim

I understand what you are asking.

But in a suburban area you would be saying 'hello' so much you would never have you hands on the bar when you went through one of the many potholes or trying to navigate those tricky drain covers.

There are limits to how pleasant & nice you can be & it becomes meaningless as a gesture in a very busy area.

The more people that are cycling - the less its a 'thing' to say hello.

As a comparative example.. Occasionally I will head out of town at midday pretty much when most people are heading back into town - there is one main local route out of South London, UK which has a catchment of a large proportion of South London. So there is effectively a funnel point where if you are headed out at a given point in time you will be guaranteed to see an awful lot of riders headed back in - maybe 50 ppl vs just you headed out solo - this is along one stretch of road about 4km in length.

Out of those 50 or so (which will range from leisure cyclists on a short pootle all the way thru to guys who I know are cat1 racers), about 10% will wave back or acknowledge that you've done the whole 'hi there' wave .. the other 90% just don't get it. This isn't even hipsters (who frankly will be wondering why some guy on a roadie is waving at them when they are commuting or going to the shops..) - these are similar roadie types who in theory are 'on the same page as you' in terms of going for a ride & not cycling as some sort of stylistic 'fashion' thing.

I think basically I am saying just get over it, the tradition of cycling is changing, there are more & more casual cyclists without any idea of the history & tradition getting out there -the majority doesn't get it & won't get it ..

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by kbbpll

Ha, a buddy and I just had this discussion yesterday, from the opposite perspective. Out on a long-ish ride, ran into some organized event going the opposite direction. Practically every other cyclist waved at us, some so enthusiastically it was comical. We decided we really weren't up for waving back at 500+ riders. Maybe a couple nods here and there. I appreciate the whole "solidarity" thing, but sometimes it's a bit much.

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by Wingnut

Yeah I used to get annoyed ay other cyclists not waving or acknowledging back but since cycling has become the new golf I don't bother anymore...I see so many cyclists these days I try to choose routes or times that have the least amount of cyclists possible...

Oh and the whole 'Hipster" thing...don't get me started...bunch of poonce's...
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by stella-azzurra

Waive :roll:
I never took drugs to improve my performance at any time. I will be willing to stick my finger into a polygraph test if anyone with big media pull wants to take issue. If you buy a signed poster now it will not be tarnished later. --Graeme Obree

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by micky

Hipsters are basically new to cycling, they just took up the bike as a fashion accessory so they dont anything about the cycling community.

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by moman

Why do we need to congratulate another cyclist with a wave anyway?

I've never been waved at, I've rode road since I was 8, there is one guy who I see everyday usually at the same spot and we smile at eachother. I see him everyday man, the rest of the roadies, hipsters, commuters and other ATGNI riders are too busy trying to race you, undertake that bus and jump the lights. I don't want to acknowledge them let alone want them to wave at me like I know em.
Hipsters just scowl at you for knowing how to ride a bike that didnt use most of your student loan rather than knowing how to stand with a bike at a jaunty angle.

But seriously Cycling isn't an elite club, we don't need a secret wave amongst the community to differentiate between hipsters and people who like riding. Should be focused on the road anyway :smartass:

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by nayr497

Cycling is the new golf? Hmm, I live in what I'd consider a decent cycling area and between two modest cities. I still can ride for hours on the weekends and see only a few others out. I think the barriers are too high, the risks too great, the fitness needed too demanding. But, I think I get what you are saying.

Nod snobbing. Eh, I evaluate the situation. I wave at many, always wave back. I rarely wave at anyone when commuting, I'll wave at most when out in the middle of nowhere, but I never see anyone out there.

And as for this kind you speak of, if you are anything along the lines of a roadie, they want nothing to do with you. You are the jock to their skateboarder. Or, something like that.
A good day becomes a better day with a bicycle ride.

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by Rick

THe same topic often comes up on motorcycle forums.
Simple words of wisdom: If you are giving a wave, remember that you are giving a wave. You don't need to expect anything in return.

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by mvacolnago

Maybe you are not waiving at them with enough angst?

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by mattyb95

I'll tend to acknowledge people when out in the middle of nowhere so to speak and assuming they look like they are out for a ride like me rather than going to the shops or just getting from A to B but when in Richmond Park or commuting in London, there are either just too many people or I need all my wits about me with the traffic that I don't bother. If someone nods I'll always respond but don't always offer it first.

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by shoopdawoop

When my friend and I ride out in the popular directions in Denver (lookout, Deer Creek, etc) we always make an over under on how many waves back we'll get. Loser buys the coffees! We are only looking for acknowledgement and its still pretty rare. I usually do the cool guy head nod or a little highway dash wave off the bars but most people just ignore or scoff and keep doing their rides.

I really don't get it, we're all out enjoying the beauty and pain of cycling and that should be a connection; but from hilpster to master to cat 3 guy who thinks he's a pro you get nothing most of the time.

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by tymon_tm

because hipsterism, in its very nature, is just a silly, egocentric mannerism, often mistaken for some sort of freedom to express oneself

luckily, except bike messengers and students, i've never actually seen a 'hipster roadie' or anything like that. as someone said, cycling's too hard and too demanding for people with ingrown ipads, literally living in the internet

and waving?


and now imagine a large pothole in front of him.. no thanks. IMO raising my palm slightly without separating the hand from the bars does the job fine
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