What is your favorite bottle?

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by Elrey

+ 1 for black camelbak rapha bidon

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by Rob1519

Camelback Podium Chill as they have an excellent valve system. I use Camelback lids on my Polar bottles as well.

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by russianbear

dgasmd wrote:For years I used whatever cheap clear bottle would accommodate/fit the lid from a Camelback podium bottle. Hate the podium bottles, but the lids are awesome. Always take them apart to clean them and last for a very long time. Have used the Assos bottles, which are simply rebranded bottles and did not like them at all. Have used Tacx also and did not like them much either. Lately I have been using a pair of 1000 ml bottles with a lid similar to the picture below and really like them. Bottle itself is flexible yet durable and the nipple is fantastic.

As far as the insulated bottles go, I gave them away years ago. I live in FL where it is extremely hot most of the year and I and anyone living here can tell you the "insulation effect" from them is extremely short lived. Doubt if it adds 10 min to the temp changes. At least in this hot environment. Can't say in cooler weather.

This is the top from Elite corsa bottles. I love these, soft nipples, sturdy lid. I prefer the 550ml variety.

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by mdeth1313

From specialized's website:

A: The bottle interior should never be scrubbed or mechanically scratched. The best cleaning is to simply rinse your bottle with warm water and a mild detergent. Alternatively, the bottle can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. For the best performance we recommend rinsing the bottle after every use.

Not using soap is probably a bad idea.
Speedplay is the devil!

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by uraqt

@ mdeth1313,

I think it's 6 of one or half a dozen of the other : )

I get really worried about any soap left in the bottle. I rinse with hot water (110) after ride and store with full of water in the refrigerator. So technically it's one really long use. And one and awhile a log rinse/sit full 130 degrees water


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by RimClencher

Seems a bit of an anomaly there is no focus on bottle weight when ww has a number of threads about bottle cages with a big focus on weight. My generic non-thermal ones come to 60 g each, which is over three times as much as the carbon cages I'm planning to buy..

Would be nice to see some weights posted for bottles.

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by Grossglockner

camelbak podium here too, and the thermo version for the summer.

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by sstefanov

Camelbak podium big chill user here too.

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by djconnel

uraqt wrote:@ Likuid and vlastrada Nope it's BPA free


The purist is great but the Hydroflo is even better and I think it's worth the extra $ and It kills me that I am using $14 water bottles, I lie to myself and say the last longer and are cleaner : ) They do last long before the mold sets in... I am getting about 11 months ( no soap) just 130 degrees water

@ DMF I am just like you no soap, but I emailed Specialized and asked on how to clean and the just said don't scrub the inside. Soap and the cleaning tablets are cool

I've gotta try cleaning tablets. The valves are a PITA to get clean once sugar gets in them. I don't see why soap would be an issue. It's glass.

On bottles, I want light, but if there's residual water in them, that is dead mass, so they need to drain effectively and efficiciently. This was my problem with SOMA bottles: light, but they'd invariably have water left inside when I was done, and that's just dead weight as much as if it was plastic. I find the Specialized bottles work very well.

I've not tried Camelbak but they look heavy.

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by rmerka

If I use sports drink I'll wash the bottles with Dawn, if I just use H20 then I just rinse and then use a little Everclear to sterilize the bottle. Evaporates into nothing and is really cheap. Camelbaks are great but they do leave a splash of water in the bottom.

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by uraqt

With the soap, even the littlest amount screws big time with my stomach and wrecks havoc with my digestive track.

I got a sample of the Cleaning Tablets and I used them once, I didn’t notice anything one way or another….

I loved the SOMA bottles they never got mold. I agree there was alway a lot of water left with the crapy lids and you could break a teeth with the plastic they use to make the lids, I swapped the lids with Specialized lids and it wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that they were twice as much as the base Specialized bottles plus the cost of the Specialized bottle. I found the real manufacture on-line and was going to buy 100 @ $2 each but nobody would send me a sample. And then I tried the Hydroflo and caved in…

This thread is going is making think about going back to the SOMA/Specialized hybrid …. but having the bottle/bibshort/gloves/shoes/armwarmers you love when you are dead tired some how ends up being worth the $$$$, in fact sometimes when you are so cooked, those “things” are priceless…


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by Elrey

Would it be fun with a poll on this?

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by DMF

Seems I got a bit misinformed about the Purists, nice to know one can use soap :)

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by drainyoo

Does a weight weenie bottle exist? Meaning, is there one lighter than the rest? I mean, this is WW after all.

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by DMF

I recall some discussion years ago about the troubles of actually creating a significantly lighter bottle from a hygienic standpoint. Typical plastic soda bottles (the recyclable type) aren't suitable for months and months of refilling. Ofcourse it's not to impossible to weigh some bottles and you could save 10-15g per bottle. Not too difficult to figure out which ones are the most likely candidates either. If it is easy to squeeze it is likely to have less material in the bottle (generalization, some bottles are very "squeezable" despite a thick plastic), screw-on lids weigh more than snap-on lids and smaller/uncomplicated valves are lighter than the advanced Camelbak-type ones...

But if you really want light, and that is your only concern on the subject, I think it is VERY difficult to compete with the combo of a Tacx Source and some of the 5g Tune Skyline cages... The source bottles lid can be opened with one hand while riding too, so you can get the last precious grams of water out of them too... :D

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