What is your favorite bottle?

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by nayr497

genesis692 wrote:You can pull the rubber part of the mouthpiece off. You just have to use a bit of force.

Makes cleaning a lot easier.

You can also either turn counter-clockwise or turn it to the locked position and then gently turn just the rubber nozzle and it will unseat and come off. Might prolong the life span more than just pulling it off.

Yup, I too don't like the scuzz that grows in the nozzle.
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by ludovic

I use the camelbak - clear so that I can see "how much" is left in the bottle. Just love them!
They actually weight less than most bottles, which is very surprising.
Make 'em even better: add some sort of cover for the mouth piece so that I don't have to taste where the bike has been.

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by dgasmd

For years I used whatever cheap clear bottle would accommodate/fit the lid from a Camelback podium bottle. Hate the podium bottles, but the lids are awesome. Always take them apart to clean them and last for a very long time. Have used the Assos bottles, which are simply rebranded bottles and did not like them at all. Have used Tacx also and did not like them much either. Lately I have been using a pair of 1000 ml bottles with a lid similar to the picture below and really like them. Bottle itself is flexible yet durable and the nipple is fantastic.

As far as the insulated bottles go, I gave them away years ago. I live in FL where it is extremely hot most of the year and I and anyone living here can tell you the "insulation effect" from them is extremely short lived. Doubt if it adds 10 min to the temp changes. At least in this hot environment. Can't say in cooler weather.

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by HillRPete

Isostar bottles have been working very well for me over the years. Got a Castelli and two Coca Cola bottles recently in a "brandy" fit, though.

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by GuyGadois

I love the Camelbacks. They will last me two seasons and then the kids take them to school! On trips to the desert I ride with the insulated Camelback bottles and highly recommend them.

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by bombertodd

Camelbak is my favorite. The top is awesome!

Specialized Purist is my least favorite. The top likes to shut to easy when drinking.

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by MarkGiardini

I usually grab a couple of the elite ones (fdj, Astana etc) with my wiggle order from time to time. $5 each and just throw them out when they get funky.
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by DMF

Specialized Purist bottles are freaking awesome, great valve, absolutely no taste, big screw lid. Available in a couple of other brandings too, Zipp, Salsa, and so on. They just have one PITA, you gotta remember not to use any soap in them, they only take a rinse with water (which actually works from a hygienic standpoint with these).

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by djm

Camelbak Podiums here aswell. They have a diameter slightly bigger than most others, so they sit very snugly in my Arundel Mandibles and I like that. Add to it that the tip is really nice to drink from. No spillage even with an open tip, unless the bottle is squeezed of course. The insulated bottle is also nice for sub freezing conditions in the winter. With a bit of syrup and some salt the contents doesn't freeze even on 5 hour rides in -10'C.

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by Bogan

On the bike, Camelbak Podiums. Off the bike anything with beer in it. Sorry first post. Couldn't help it.
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by jenggo


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by LiKuid

Never used the Camelback, but you can't go wrong with the Speci Purist. I don't think i need to try anything else.

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by vlastrada

camelbak mainly because it is BPA free, which is carcinogenic

weirdly most other bottles are not BPA free....

not sure why/how they get away with it

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by LiKuid

LiKuid wrote:Never used the Camelback, but you can't go wrong with the Speci Purist. I don't think i need to try anything else.

ok, now i just found a reason to try something new. :D
Interesting piece of info actually

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by uraqt

@ Likuid and vlastrada Nope it's BPA free


The purist is great but the Hydroflo is even better and I think it's worth the extra $ and It kills me that I am using $14 water bottles, I lie to myself and say the last longer and are cleaner : ) They do last long before the mold sets in... I am getting about 11 months ( no soap) just 130 degrees water

@ DMF I am just like you no soap, but I emailed Specialized and asked on how to clean and the just said don't scrub the inside. Soap and the cleaning tablets are cool
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