What is your favorite bottle?

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by MattSoutherden

Another Camelbak Podium user here.

I rinse them, pull the mouthpiece off, and stick them in the dishwasher after use. Some of mine are 4 years old and still as-new apart from cosmetic scuffing from the cage.
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by BeeSeeBee

I prefer the Camelbak Jet Valve to Specialized's Purist valve. It's a little bit smaller, and a bit softer. While the valves are 'open' I do get a little bit of leaking if the bottle is horizontal (such as in between the aerobars on my TT bike). Once closed however, the Camelbaks don't leak at all, whereas the Specialized continues to drip over bumps. It's been that way for every bottle I've had, so I'm done bothering with those anymore.

by Weenie

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by Liggero

Camelbak bottles, bot the podium and the thermal one. I love them a lot. The valve is a great idea and the mouth is big enough to insert ice cubs on them. They are quite resistant.
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by Stolichnaya

The bottle with my WW forum name on it.

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by kgt

Anyone tried Elite Hygene? Supposed to be something similar to Camelbak in terms of quality. What about Elite syssa inox?

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by Geoff

+1 on Elite. The Corsa lids are way safer. If one gets dropped and you hit it at speed, it just blows-off, reducing the likelihood of a crash (it sounds like a gun going off, though!).

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by limba

I have the Podiums and Purist. I like the Purist better. When they make a Purist "chill" bottle that will be even better.

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by nickf

I use the Camelbak Podium chill and ice bottles. I don't see the ice variant anymore thought. Both work great in the Florida heat. The ice bottle will keep water cold for around 2.5 hours. That's with it filled to the top with ice though.

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by KH1

Has anyone done a weight test? :wink:
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by em3

MattSoutherden wrote:I rinse them, pull the mouthpiece off

How do u do that? I love these bottles but hate that mold starts to grow in mouthpiece and I can't get a brush through there to clean it. Or by mouthpiece did u mean lid? EM3

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by genesis692

You can pull the rubber part of the mouthpiece off. You just have to use a bit of force.

Makes cleaning a lot easier.

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by Maximilian

limba wrote:I have the Podiums and Purist. I like the Purist better. When they make a Purist "chill" bottle that will be even better.

Just been realeased!


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by limba

I knew it would happen eventually. Thanks for the info.

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by nayr497

Juanmoretime wrote:I too have been using the Camelbak insulated bottles for about 4 years. I do repave them every year. I have also not experienced any leakage, they just work well and easy to drink.

I used the Polar insulated too and those bottles would leak.

Repave or replace?

I like Camelbak Podiums too, even moreso when you get them on sale. Also have the insulated ones which are darn nice on really hot days.

I have a really cool Campagnolo bottle I use when I ride my classic steel bikes. Tacx made. Too bad the hinge/strap cracked. I can still use it though.

Funny though, after getting used to the Camelbak spout old-style bottles seem like hard work...
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by Weenie

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by btompkins0112

I used the Camelbacks before and I switched to Polar bottles and much prefer them.

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