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by russianbear

I'm going to visit Como soon, hopefully will get to bring my bike. Otherwise I'll need recommendations for bike rental places in the area. In any case, recommend me some routes guys! I'll be just a little north of Menaggio on the west side. I've been looking on strava, there seem to be some pretty great climbs right off the main road that circles the lake.

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by HillRPete

I found the traffic to be the worst between Menaggio and Como. The east side is way better, because of the motorway taking the transit traffic. Great place to be, shame I only got to do a few short rides down near the water. Easy to combine riding and ferry though, to get around the lake.

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by Liggero

go contador, go!!!!!!!!!
Happy Trails !!!

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by Guerdi

There are a lot of great possibilities to ride around there. Check the usual suspects (strava, ridewithgps,, etc.) for ideas.

There's just a thing to know about riding around the Lago Como : avoid the road between Menaggio and Dongo at all cost . It's called the "Via Regina" but should be called "Via Inferno". It's a main road with long, dark and narrow tunnels. Did I say "dangerous" ? Make yourself a favour and don't ride in them with your bike . Take the ferry instead, your nerves will thank you :D Unfortunately there are no parallel roads, so the ferry is your only option (along with the taxi or the bus).

And make sure to install a tail light on your bike. The region has a lot of tunnels.

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by stella-azzurra

When you are there pass by Villa Gaeta
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by petepeterson

Here are some climbs that I rode and would recommend assuming you are based in Como. You can stitch some of them together, take ferries, etc to suit your fitness/time. I was self guided so I am sure I am missing plenty of stuff.

1.) go north on the west side of the lake to Argnego and climb over to Lake Lugano. Can take a right when you get to Porlezza and head back to Lake Como at Menaggio.
2.) Go noth on the east side of the lake to Bellagio then climb the Ghisallo then the Sormano and descend down to Nesso ride south to lecco.
3.) Go north on the east side of the lake to Nesso and climb up to the top of the observatory at Sormano.
4.) Find your way to Lecco, climb up to ballabio, keep going through the valley heading back to Lake Como but stay left and take SP 65 to Esino Lario when you get to Cortenova. Climb up to Esino Lario then descend down to Varenna. Take the ferry to Bellagio and then ride south to Lecco.

Piani Resinelli above Lecco was used in the finish of a Giro stage 2012. Could add it to a ride through Lecco.

Check out past Lombardia routes.

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by HillRPete

Oh the tunnels, totally forgot about them, yeah don't do that. I rode some, and avoided a few others at the price of climbing over a 3m fence and riding the abandoned road which had turned into a scrap yard. Stunning views like 50m almost vertically above the lake, though :mrgreen:

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by Valbrona

Use the car ferry. It sails Cadenabbia-Varenna-Bellagio.

From Bellagio you can ride the Ghisallo which then continues up the Muro di Sormanno - the route used by last years' Tour of Lombardy. And the lakeside road is pretty safe around that side of the lake.

From Varenna ride up to Esino Lario and then over the Passo di Augeglio - has been part of The Tour of Lombardy for a long time. Or from Bellano ride the Tremonica/Premana loop or Vendrogno/Taceno loop.

Absolutely, positively take a good rear light. Tunnels can easily be 2 or 3km long, and the shorter ones can be completely unlit.

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by russianbear

Thanks for all the tips everyone, totally didn't realise I'd be close to Sormano and the Ghisallo. Putting those on the list.

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by ultimobici

Send me a pm with your email & I'll email gpx files if routes out of Como.
As for bike hire Cicli Ferca hired a Chorus 11 Pinarello to a friend October 2011. Very well maintained and sorted st last minute after being stiffed by larger company. Iirc it wasn't expensive either.

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by Teletori

Regarding the road from Menaggio to Dongo. If you ride from Menaggio, there are nice paved bike paths around all tunnels, so no problems. We agreed that going the other way would not be ideal, since you have to cross the road several times.

Me and the GF had a really nice ride from Menaggio to Varenna. With lunch in Varenna and ferry back.

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