Recon Jet HUD glasses

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by stella-azzurra

There have been many debates, discussions, debacles on drivers talking on the phone, texting, or just plain being inattentive while driving. I do get in to altercations with said drivers and pedestrians over these matters and if you are on the road enough times you have and you will too.

Now Recon comes out with these 'Google like' glasses for cyclists.

Do I need to get busy with cyclists now? :lol: :smartass: ... ctionality
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by bricky21

Froome is gonna wet himself over these :P

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by petepeterson

I think it's a cool idea and I don't see how it distracts the cyclist more than a handlebar mounted garmin?

Will be interesting to see how this does. I'd like to try it. Even if it's not useful you look like you're from the future.

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by eric

That would block a lot of perhipheral vision.

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