2 things have improved my riding, what has improved yours?

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by konky

2 things have definitely improved my riding strength, technique and stamina this season.

They are
- core strength training: big improvements particularly when power climbing. Power transfer better as now my bike stays central. Now no dancing on the pedals under 10% gradient.
- turbo training: big improvements on the flat in pedaling technique, now pedaling much more smoothly and more continuously. I can ride for longer at say 80% heart beat rate. I don't have a power metre.

Has anything improved your riding ability this year?

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by FilmAt11

Started riding on dirt again. Commuting to work 1-2 times/week: ~24 miles round-trip on loose dirt/singletrack on a 1x10 cross bike. Big improvements in bike control, balance, application of power. Also big increase in happiness :)

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by HammerTime2

CF limit screws on my mechs. Now I fly up HC climbs like they're not even there.

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by gravity

I can vouch on turbo training.

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by sugarkane

I've started turbo training working on my peddle stroke.. Will let y'all know if it make a difference :D

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by DMF

+1 on core strength, hit the gym during the winter with focus on lower back and allround core strength. Felt like that was my achilles heel last season. MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT in stability during high power outputs, but also a lot less fatigue during long rides as I feel like I can hold a more proper upper body position without "collapsing" and thus locking my hip angle...

Also proper insoles (Pearl Izumi w/ shims) was the biggest improvement ever... Still not perfect fit, but way better than Shimano original. Those aren't even insoles, just some flappy carpeting.

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by Youcef

Power meter.

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by Rick

Only two things ever seem to have really improved my cycling:
1. Losing weight.
2. Losing more weight.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

+1 on rider weight loss. Lost ~20lbs and I'm "flying" now.

Wouldn't say I have any more stamina, but my Garmin says I'm maintaining higher speeds and it feels like I'm cruising over rolling hills more easily. Can't wait to test myself on some real climbs.

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by mr_tim

1) Better quality of training time. Ride much harder on hard days & really cut it back it to nothing but an easy spin on easy days. You know you can push a bit harder, so go for it.

2) Less mucking about with fit / position / minute issues. Just get on with it. 9/10 I am finding a nagging issue is more down to being tired vs. an actual issue that ends up being a bunch of time fiddling around try to sort something out that wasnt really a problem to begin with. I really might think a mm or two on the saddle height makes a difference but it doesn't... but that said I run everything the same now (multiples of the same contact points) so as to avoid / close out difference actually being perceptible...

The weight loss thing has diminishing gains after a bit. Keep your strength up & it won't matter too much to be carrying a kilo here or there. I appreciate the guys are talking about bigger losses above though... I tried to drop 4kg down from 72kg & it wasn't worth it.

Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

#1. Interval training 3x per week
#2. Losing 10kg (getting as light as possible - "you cannot be too skinny")

If you want a 3rd ....
Riding and listening and IMPLEMENTING the advice from a good coach

NOTHING ELSE except spending all my money buying go faster kit!

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by Wingnut

Spending less time on Weight Weenies and riding more... :wink:
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by kya

HammerTime2 wrote:CF limit screws on my mechs. Now I fly up HC climbs like they're not even there.

I need to get me some of those. :lol:

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by Rush

1) Commuting regularly.
2) Seeing a physio for my neck and postural issues. They've also set me up on the bike in their clinic and advised me which muscles I need to active and which I need to relax in order to cycle efficiently. Thus I can ride for 4+ hours without my neck and shoulders seizing up.
3) Buying a new bike. Bike fit and ergonomics have changed a bit in the past 19 years.

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by euan

Not stressing out about missing training. Accepting that my body doesn't adhere to a training schedule and that there are days where I'm just going to be tired because thats life. Going out and attempting intervals whilst not motivated of or able to completely them properly is just junk training. It always feeds onto your next session.

Only riding hard when I need to ride hard, ie when doing a training interval or racing. Getting a power meter was crucial in this, I found out when I thought I was riding easy I was still riding too hard. If you are not training or racing the little ring is your friend and stay there.

(power meter)
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