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by basilic

is there a reason why the drivetrain is on the other side?
re male bodies in cycling, there was a good piece by Craig Gaulzetti titled "pro cycling is not gay" in the Embrocation magazine (could not connect to it just now)

by Weenie

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by fletch62

Always thought Jamie Staff's tattoo was cool:

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by fletch62

One for KWalker: This guy is 22, got a sleeve done at 18, then covered it in full black because it was shite, and is now planning on getting white panels done. 3rd attempt.

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by KWalker

What a dipshit. Got my first piece at 18, no desire to do anything to it and still extremely happy with it. Deicide hasn't been good for 10 years so his judgement is kinda shitty all around it seems.
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by Imaking20

@kwalker - I wholeheartedly agree about quality standards and, personally, am the type to have an idea that may turn into a tattoo - rather than a tattoo that needed an idea. Growing up around Las Vegas, I saw plenty of work and had the opportunity to find quality artists before any ink touched my skin. If I were to get any more detailed/imagery type stuff - I'd fly back. I appreciate you saying it's just a peeve of yours, I'm sure you're aware that a certain breed look at tattoos completely different. I've known many artists with tattoos that were a bet or a joke (like a bologna sandwich on a leg or 6 pack stomach). Not everything has to have meaning to them.

@Tinea Pedis - Not sure if you follow WSBK or MotoGP. American racer Ben Spies, also co-founder of Elbowz Elite Cycling Team, actually got many of his tattoos to cover up asphalt-given "tats" :)

I've got an acquaintance in Vegas who has started getting extensive work on his upper body to distract from the scars that were left after over 90% of his body was burned.

Different strokes.

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by Enda Marron

Tattoos sporting or otherwise are great as long as ...
The Tattoo is meaningful to the wearer
The Tattoo is future-proof
The Tattoo is timeless

Let me explain, I got tattooed about 10 years ago; my tattoo is of a Red Eyed Treefrog and was designed by a good mate of mine who is an Olympian and a noted/award winning local artist. I made a promise (to myself that when I achieved international status that I would get the tattoo and that the artist in question would design it), as it happened I won my full international representation following uniquely tough trials and the next month my Olympian mate arrived around with a hand-drawn template. I wasted no time and went along to the best local Tattooist and got it done in three sittings.
I am immensely proud of the tattoo and view it in much the same way as devoutly religious people view their icons/statues/symbols
It reminds me of me at my absolute best and thus it inspires me as I age (slows aging down!!!!)
I have the tattoo for ten years and I am so proud of it - despite the fact that it is only visible to fellow athletes (on my rear right shoulder)
Best of all if I fall on hard times and my mate continues to flourish as an artist I will have a valuable commodity to sell
ps Photo PRIVATE

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