Vittoria PitStop and Conti tubs

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by liam7020

Anyone know if Vittoria PitStop sealant works equally as well (or badly!!) with Continental tubs as it does (or doesn't!!) with Vittoria tubs? Thanks.
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by Ozrider

Contis use butyl rubber tubes. I have successfully used Stans sealant in Contis without any issue.
Pitstop is ok as far as I know. Quite a few riders I know have used it without reported issues.
Problems can be experienced with latex tubes and Stans Sealant.
Cafelatex sealant is supposedly better in latex tubes.

Hope this helps
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by musket

It's also worth bearing in mind that Stans / Joes (and other sealants) won't work if you use a Co2 cannister to reinflate after a flat, as they need oxygen to work properly.

Caffelatex works ok, but doesn't heal cuts as well, as quick, or heal larger cuts that stan's/joe's does, but as Oz says, it's best practice to use it in tubs using a latex tube. Latex base sealants can bleed through latex tubes and cuase issues at the base tape.

In my experience, the Joes std (not hp road) works best in Contis, though you need to ensure tyres remain partly inflated, or any latex sealant can bond the tube walls together, which will then tear when re-inflated.
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by TimW

That is very interesting to know. I was banking on Stans being a fix for tub repairs (failing that fit the spare). But I only carry CO2.

How does Vittoria Pit Stop work (when it does actually work), does it contain something different and not a CO2/Sealant combo?

(Sorry this is slightly off topic as I am using Vittoria Corsa tubs)

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by musket

Corsa's are a latex tube, no? In that case, Caffe Latex is the best option.
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by TimW

Not available in the UK AFIAK.

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by Dammit

Bumping this- I have Conti Competitions with a Butyl tube, will Vittoria Pit Stop help me avoid a long walk with a bike slung over my shoulder?

I basically need to choose between a can of Pit Stop, or a spare tub+tape to go in my jersey pocket.

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by stella-azzurra

I bring Stans sealant in the 2 oz. bottle. It has worked every time except when the tire was gashed badly.
So if you get into that situation then a pre-glued tubular or tape is the best bet. Bring both.
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by Getter

I've been using Stan's in my Vit Corsa CX and it's been working great. Punctured a couple times and it's still holding air. Been three months.

I've used Pit Stop three times with poor results.

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by NS

I used pit stop in a punctured vittoria cross tub for half a season, no issues

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by Richyo

I used Caffelatex in my Conti comps and pumped it with a hand pump, holding 100psi fine after 2 weeks(only one ride since)
The only issue was that probably 75% of the 75ml bottle/can didn't stay in the tub as it leaked out of the valve while attaching the pump, leaking through the valve :oops:
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by Geoff

Thanks, NS. I find that tubulars flat so rarely, I have not been able to test it for myself. I have been carrying a Vittoria Pitstop 'cartridge' for so many years now, I'm wondering if there is a shelf life on it...

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by headwind816

Related, any stories (good and bad) about using the Vittoria Pit Stop with FMB Competition CX tires? I am new to tubulars, and based on this forums advice, I went with the FMB tires (which are heavenly fyi). I picked up two cans of the Pit Stop, but I now wonder if I should have gone with something else.

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by NS

I ran my dugast rhinos all cross season with pit stop in them this year. No punctures! Coincidence perhaps but I was running them as low as 2.5psi

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by HammerTime2

2.5 psi or 2.5 bar? 2.5 psi is virtually a flat tire.

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