Campagnolo - still the bees knees?

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by Devon

You don't need to quite the post above.

It was intended as a fairly open ended query to spark a discussion. However the main idea was based around how technically 'good' the systems are.
Campagnolo; because it's a bicycle, not a fishing rod.

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by 5 8 5

davidalone wrote:I will quote the secret pro on cycling tips:

"Everyone in the pro peloton bashes one particular groupset though. It’s all in good fun, but it’s an unwritten rule that you have to take the piss out of the guys who are on that groupset" ... son-begin/" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

I will bet a significant amount of money that that groupset is sram red.

I thought it was Microshift.

by Weenie

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by Tinea Pedis

alexh wrote:It was intended as a fairly open ended query to spark a discussion. However the main idea was based around how technically 'good' the systems are.

People can only judge your post, not your intentions.

As you're new to the board I'm giving this as some helpful advice, please take it as such.

Make your question clear.

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by ALAN Carbon+

Campag is not dropping in use in the pro peloton, they are sponsoring more world tour teams this year than last and now sponsor more WT teams than SRAM (5 vs 3).

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by kgt

Wiggins's Di2 stuck at the Giro del Trentino.
Nibali's EPS was fine.

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by SalsaLover

In a word, Yes
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by rajMAN

Of course YES. :D

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by Frankie - B

Since this hasn't been posted before: :popcorn:

Back to the OP. Please make your topic title and question more specific. Your current question is so broad that this will become an 80+ page mud slinging, dead horse beating contest.

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by stella-azzurra

Cmon guys stop making dumb comparisons like this.

DI2 and EPS both will fail at some point like any other mechanical and electronic component.
There were plenty of failures before this and there will be more after this.
It's just that some failures happen at the wrong time to the wrong guy.

Would you have know about this had this been someone else on the team that was in the gruppetto just trotting along? The answer would be no. There are no cameras there and no one cares about 10-20 guys trucking up a hill at a less then stellar pace. A mechanical can happen there as well. A bike change occurs there, no one sees it, no one reports it.

Now if the team reports all component failures and the reason for the failure only then you would have some conclusive data of how well the component performs.

Everything else is based on hearsay, non-conclusive situations, random bits of information that do not offer conclusive evidence or patters of failures.
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by Geoff

Who knows what happened? Having been on Di2 for quite a few years, I'd personally bet on human error, not a component failure.

To the OP, I'd say so. Di2 I'd really good, but the EPS is, too. Between them, it would probably be personal preference. I tnink prefer EPS.

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by LionelB

Do we need another campa/sram/shimano thread ?

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by ticou

Nope. Check 'Competitive Cyclist reviews Campag 11 speed' on Youtube. The main reason I brought it, and they ain't wrong.

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by ticou

And electronics belong on mopeds..namore, quoth the raven.

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by Colonia

Campagnolo parts are higher quality at every point in the range than Shimano or SRAM, and better thought out (my opinion).
The company is also still a small family-owned affair. I would much rather support that type of company than an industrial behemoth like Shimano or a glitzy marketing-oriented company like SRAM. Considering how little Campy markets, it is a miracle that they are still around -- and probably a testament to their quality. An interesting article on them: ... talian-job

by Weenie

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by Imaking20

What if I want to sprint from the drops?


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