Looking for a specific cycling sock: 6-7" cuff AND "cushy"

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by LouisN

Can't seem to find it, I searched... :oops:

Ideal would be like Defeet Cush, but with longer, 6-7" cuff.

I'd like to try merino wool.
Are Swiftwick or Woolie Boolie as thick as Cush from Defeet ?

Thanks for the "help"...

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by gravity

... and also easily available to buy online and shipped worldwide.

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by ultyguy


My fav's are defeet cush too. Woolie Boolie is not quite as thick, but is definitely too warm for the warm days for me. Appreciate suggestions! I find Defeet Aireator etc too thin and creepy feeling and slip around inside the shoe.

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by uraqt

The Woolie Boolie V-2 All Mountain looks like a taller cuff, and i just saw at the defeet web page that they make it in 6in cuff.

I ride the Woolie Boolie V-1 year round in nor cal, heat not an issue till I get tired and over 90F.

The Swiftwick is not as thick as the Woolie Boolie, and the wool is tighter knitted (smoother and tighter fit).

Woolie Boolie doesn't slide in my shoes, Swiftwick does : ) It is down to a few mm.

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by yongkun

Endura has a range of nice long cuff socks, for summer

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by swinter

the woolie boolie is almost as thick as the cush, but it is strictly a three season (winter/fall/early spring) sock. (I wear them all winter long off the bike.)

the Levitator -- which I wear on and off the bike all Summer long -- is basically the same as the old cush, and they come in a high top. so that should fit the bill perfectly.
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Super Brad
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by Super Brad

I'm a huge fan of swiftwick socks.
The 6" Pursuit sock is a thicker version and is very comfortable and warm.

I've ridden the Woolie Boolie 2 and the swiftwicks are as warm and comfortable, minus the bulk.

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by LouisN

Thanks guys,

I guess I'll have to try a few pairs...

With my Bont A-1's leather inside, some fabrics really feel slippery, I don't like the feeling...

I'll get a pair of Woolie Boolie, and investigate more about the V-1 / V-2 versions.
Also the Swiftwick Pursuit (thicker) might be an option.

I chacked the Levitator, but they say it's a thin sock option on Defeet site...

I don't mind warm feet, I wear thick wool or thermal socks year round. And up here in north east Canada, we don't have many days above the 30°C mark...

Louis :)

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by r_mutt

don't bother with the other socks. Swiftwick Pursuit 7 series. 1 and done.


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by Camilo

I use these a lot cycling. http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/1 ... 237168-100, mine are black, fwiw.

They're not "cycling specific" socks, but they have the same design/technical features and material of a cushy type of cycling sock (as opposed to a thin/minimal cycling sock). Very comfortable when you need a thicker, higher sock for whatever reason.

I picked them up at the local Sports Authority after getting tired of the garish graphics on "cycling" socks and the guess work of ordering them online. I took my favorite cycling socks into the store and compared them to their generic wicking athletic sock offerings and surprise! found that there's nothing magical about "cycling" socks in terms of how the sock is designed (i.e. sole/arch/toe design), wicking material, options for thicknesses and heights, etc. I came away with these as well as some thinner, some lower, etc. Nike, Addidas, etc. also have a lot of athletic sock options that work well for cycling.

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by btompkins0112

^ this....I wear black Nike socks with ~7 inches above ankle (fall perfectly below calf muscle).

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by mentok

http://www.groundeffect.co.nz/products-ACC.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

i recently got a pair of the zig zags for the long, cold australian winter (all 2 weeks of it) and they are quite cushy with a respectable cuff (around 6") and nice and low key. they are a cold weather sock and ground effects differentiate between their summer merino (the shorter cuffed ankle biters) and their winter merino (the zig zags) so they may not be perfect for warmer days, but they may be fine for most of the year if you're sufficiently north or south of the equator...

comparisons are relative to castelli corsa rosa 13s which are my go-to socks if that's any help...

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by Liggero

I´m extremely curious about something:

- Why do you like long and black socks? do you feel more comfortable or better with those?
- Did you ever hear about sports dressing culture or similar? cycling socks are short and white or in colours. Please read the velominate rules about proper cycling.

Everyone is free to do whatever they want, as long as you don't hurt others. You wearing long black socks doesn't hurt me, but it's so so sad... We should make a bettter world together, and in that world nobody uses ugly socks during cycling. Plese reconsider your decision, look at european cyclists and learn. If i want to learn about baseball i would look at the american professionals, but this is the opposite direction this time...
Happy Trails !!!

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by btompkins0112

Looks better with black shoes

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by limba

Rapha make plenty of nice socks. You can choose the length you want. I think they're all better than Defeet and I think Defeet socks are great. Rapha's winter socks are warmer/nicer than the Woolie Boolie. I have both.

by Weenie

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