Retro photo: Tour de France 1991 Stage 17 Alpe d'Huez

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by ultimobici

Miller wrote:Looking closely at the photo with Gianni Bugno I'm sure that is just a sunglasses cord. Race radios were still in the future.
Sunglasses cord it is. Bugno was practical rather than stylish, so liked his granny cord!

Here are some more snaps. This was a time when French riders still felt they had a chance at the overall (however mistaken they were and for whatever reason) and this is Charly Mottet.

Not Mottet, but Michel Vermote, the lone Belgian at RMO.

Beautiful pictures though, thank you for posting.

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by Miller

Thank you for the correction.

Anyone know who this Lotto rider is? Johan Bruyneel was in Lotto on this Tour but I don't think it's him.


by Weenie

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by ultimobici

No, I think that is Bruyneel. He was a lot skinnier as a rider!

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Really great stuff!
I like the Herrera and Golz pictures, technically great and the concentration on their faces is intriguing.

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by Sjoerd

We want more, we want more, we want more! :beerchug:

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by ultimobici

Miller wrote:Thierry Claveyrolat


Also high on the stage result that day were Claudio Chiapucci and Greg Lemond but no photos of them, sadly.

Don't be so hard on yourself. That's Chiappucci following Claveyrolat.

Cool pics

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by Monkeyboy3333

great pics

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by Geoff

Fabulous pictures.

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by kevhogaz

Those are great pics!! Fignon looks oddly out of place in that pic. Like he's an old man, or something!!

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by optionclick

Great pics. Notice the profileration of Avocet computers - the Garmins of the time!

*Googles Avocet* - wow, you can still get them, although in fewer colours than back then.
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by Liggero

awesome images, so much cooler than digital. Still, i think B&W gives them a too old look, this years were already in a color mindset, but that is just my opinion and B&W images make the moments more trascendental.
Happy Trails !!!

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Fabulous shots. Thanks for sharing. Love the bikes... and yes, I noticed the Avocets also!
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by ticou

These pics are so much better then the you tube vid of the stage. Post of the year in my opinion. And the last hurrah for the steelists Nice memories of when I got a Peugeot 531 pro bike delivered to my office. MA40 rims on...dare I say the words?....shimano 105.

by Weenie

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by basilic

Thank you Miller, that's wonderful.
I like the riders' positions, arms flexed, upper body relaxed (eg Indurain).
The nostalgia: La Suisse on Pascal Richard's jersey was the popular newspaper in Geneva (gone now), and Villiger still made their frames in the country. (The insurer Helvetia ia atill around)
Did you use a flash to freeze the faces (eg Mottet/Vermote) or is it just good tracking?

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