Arm warmers to match with a Gabba

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by Nefarious86

After searching high and low I think I'm more confused than I was to start with. What is the go to arm warmer to pair with the SS version? Some say the nanoflex warmers are fine some say they aren't adequate. Is the convertible version worth the extra coin? Also how do they size in comparison to the Rapha pro team jacket?

I live in Australia and run warm on the bike, two things that don't go to well together in our "winter". The problem I have is that in winter heading out at 5am means 0-5°c but within 3 hours into a 6h ride it can be 15-20°c. By that stage my arms are sopping wet from sweat in a LS jacket. The convertible Gabba seems to be double the price and hard to find compared to the short sleeve version and available in less colours (ss would be yellow, convertible would be blue or red, black and winter mornings just doesnt seem smart when I have brighter options available.)
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by genesis692

I'd definitely recommend going with the short sleeve Gabba and Nanoflex arm warmers for the sake of versatility.

I also "run hot" and have never had an issue with overheating in the Gabba. It vents really well. Usually if the weather heats up I'll take the arm warmers off and run the jacket fully unzipped... it's not uncomfortable by any means.

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Sounds good. I can get a SS and 2 pairs of warmers for the price of a convertible.
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by Marin

I have a convertible Gabba and love it.

For cold mornings where I know I want to take off the arms after an hour, I wear a short merino base layer and some old Roubaix fleece Castelli arm warmers that are actually warmer than the Gabba sleeves, but are easier to remove and store.

The Gabba's strength isn't the warmth but that it is water- and windproof to an extent.

I don't think you'd lose out much by going with a short arm Gabba and Nanoflex arm warmers.

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by Nefarious86

Might get one pair of nano arm warmers and one warmer pair then.
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by LionelB

the nano arm warmers are fairly warm.

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by Nefarious86

Tank you all :)

Gambling on the XL fitting haha.
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by rainerhq

The convertible is not twice the price.
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by glepore

I use nano and ss. The Nano aren't fleece lined, not roubaix style, but warm enough.

Also just bought a Capo Lombardia on sale on ebay for $50 simply because of the price. Its a little lighter than the Gabba, but while not actually convertible there is enough give in the sleeves to slide them up to my elbows. It was fine yesterday with a mesh base when temps unexpectedly rose to 20c, a little warm maybe but wearable. Ok today at 10-18.

I also have a Radiation with zip off sleeves. pretty useless, as they zip to a vest. Ok if its over a ls base or a jersey but would much rather have ss conversion.
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by uraqt

I use wool defeet arm warmers, but it usually doesn't get that cold in NorCal were I live.. there has been sometimes going down hill in the snow were the weren't enough, but that has been like 3 time in 10 years : ) and I should have know better the 2nd and 3rd time : )

The wool kinda air drys really quick most of the time... Also I prefer to be cold : )


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by Rush

I tried the Nanoflex armwarmers last winter with my Gabba and my arms almost froze. It was below 5 degrees at the start of the ride and wind cut through my arms like knives. I had used BBB armwarmers before, they have more of a traditional Roubaix finish and you can survive at temps below 5 degrees.

What I think would work best with a short-sleeve Gabba are Gore wind stopper arm warmers. Sportful also make a cold weather arm warmer with Polartec windproof fabric IIRC.

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by mr4fox

I have had the first version of the convertible Gabba. And now use the nanoflex armwarmers. I feel that sliding the arm Warmers down to your wrists or just removing them on the fly is way better than stopping to unzipped and remove or put on and re-zip the sleeves of the convertible jacket. This has served me well on many fast training rides as well as races in changeable weather.

I will use the nanoflex armwarmers with a couple base layers and possibly a lightweight wind Cape if it's say 8-10C and I know it might be 2C at the top of a climb. But I think riding at 0-5C for a couple hours with just Tue armwarmers on and no base layers might be a bit cold for me. Ofc if it's dry (which it isn't often enough here in Norway) it might be ok. But I usually feel the cold a bit more than most.

I'd say try the arm Warmers. They will surely do the job well for many of the days either side of the coldest part of winter down under. And either wear a long-legged base layer or get a second warmer set if you feel you need to.

by Weenie

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by djm

Nanoflex armwarmers or Sportful Norain (same stuff). Once they start absorbing water throw them, already dried, in your tumble dryer for about 10 minutes and the water repellency is revived.

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