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by xcnick

Anyone had experience with B&W Bike boxes?
They get very good reviews and are relatively cheap. Only complaints seen to be the claimed weight is way off (9.4kg)

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by swinter

I've been using the Sci Con Aero Comfort soft case for the last 6 or 7 years. I've made a dozen trips to Spain, France, Canada, CZ, and around the USA with no problems -- except for the TSA, as HT2 notes. Cheaper than the Sci Con hard case. Used by Saxo Bank and a bunch of other pros.

Advantages of the soft case are that the baggage handlers put them on top, instead of on the bottom where they can get damaged (see previous threads), and that it requires no disassembly other than taking the wheels off and putting them in the pockets.
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by slyboots

xcnick wrote:Anyone had experience with B&W Bike boxes?

I had - the box itself is fine, but all the furniture is crap. Wheels got broken after the first trip, then handles, then locks, and after just 4 trips I had to use scotch tape to bring it back home.
Now I have a Crateworks plastic box, but have travelled with it only twice. So far so good.

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by nick

Thanks for all the advice guys, I'm going to buy a Bikeboxalan. I can go direct to them and collect it.
Many thanks nick.

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by nathanong87

i traveled to cali from maryland with a thule hardcase. my carbon frame made the trip unscathed. kudos from me!

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by dmp

Just an update on the Pika Packworks case- Still a terrific design, combining light weight, easy carrying and storage, and solid protection- and highly recommended. BUT the airlines seem to have wised up, and unlike previous trips, it was immediately identified as a bike when I checked in at United last week. Despite being a Premier Gold frequent flyer (with a free checked baggage allowance of 3 bags) I was charged $100 each way. It appears that the days of flying under the radar (if I may mix metaphors) with your bike may be ending.

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by kbbpll

A couple years ago I shipped my Iron Case home from DC (USA) and the UPS dimension-based charges were rigged so that it cost double what a regular cardboard bike box would have cost. One inch wider (and yet not taller or longer) put it in the next category up. I think it cost me $180. Highway robbery.

FYI, I like the Iron Case, but it was basically the only one that would fit a 65cm frame. I still have to take the crank off.

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