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by PoorCyclist

I am considering bringing my road bike to ride both saturday and sunday in March, because I have nothing better to do.
Limit: accumulative ~160 miles under 10k ft elevation gain for the weekend.

Seems like there is beautiful road going out of the CBD to the west route 31 Mt Nebo, Mt Glorious, no shoulder on the road.

Could any local recommend some local routes? I am staying in the CBD. The CBD bike routes scares me very much though, changing from road to bike route to curbs that makes very little sense. So I may drive out before getting on the

That said the weather forecast for the next 10 days is T-storm and 20mph wind. It would be a shame if I brought my bike and it was too rainly to ride, a nice weekend exploration is what I am aiming at. Not a hardman ride.

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by doomith

Hi there, might be best to ask (or read) over at:
Probably a wider AU / Brisbane audience !

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by kaaos

You can ride Mt Glorious on Saturday and Zupps on Sunday.

Mt Glorious is fantastic ride... don't miss it.
If riding from CBD it would be approximately 85km long ride with more than 2100m of total elevation.
Not easy but you will be glad you did it.

Zupps is fast and flat ride. It's approximately 100km long ride in a big bunch. If you stay with the main group you will be averaging above 33km/h... most of the time you will be in high 30's or low 40's with sprints that will easily go above 50km/h.

I've spent few weeks in Brisbane in January this year and these two rides were highlights of Brisbane riding experience for me. Highly recommended.

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by tobyinsydney

We at RIDE have featured Brisbane twice in our magazine... the most recent review, with rides shown, can be found online at Zinio. You can read it here ... 559/pg-246

Great place for riding and even heading out from the middle of the city its fun and safe!

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by kaaos

PoorCyclist wrote:...Mt Nebo, Mt Glorious, no shoulder on the road...

Don't worry much about no shoulder... there is no much traffic on this road.
Make sure you stop on top of Mt Glorious for a coffee/breakfast

I can give you strava links for both rides if you want
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by austke

Mt Nebo-Mt Glorious- and even on to Somerset Dam is a great ride. I would recommend driving to The Gap first, and then departing by bike from there. Plenty of cyclists as well as motorbikes and cars frequent the area. So while common sense is advised. I don't think you'll be anymore unsafe than cycling anywhere else.
Also driving first to Samford. And then cycling to Mt Glorious is also another great ride.
While I grew up in the area, I unfortunately can't advise on alt. off the top of my head. As I haven't lived there for a few years now. We have certainly had some nasty weather, that is now clearing, 2 hrs north of Brissy.
Hope this helps a little, have fun, and safe cycling. :)
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