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by bikedoc

Looking for somewhere in Canada or the US to send a group of kids for a warm weather training camp in the end of February. Any ideas?

by Weenie

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by whydobearsxplod

Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez valley of California might be a good training camp destination.

Tends to be sunny with highs in the mid 60s to mid 70s. Lots of training options and several big climbs.

PM me if you want to chat more.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis


And made the title less ambiguous.

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by petepeterson

The only place I would recommend in Canada in Feb. would be Victoria, BC.

For the US check out Arizona.

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by js

We used to do our training camps in Kelowna, which I found to be an idea location for cycling, but that was at the end of March. In February, it might be pushing things, as even the March weather wasn't always worth travelling for (thankfully the mountains were - stupid prairies!)

If you're going for a training camp in Feb, without breaking the bank (important to kids & families), then I'd go for Arizona.

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by mellowJohnny

Our local team trains in Cuba that time of year, so that should tell you something! As mentioned above, for all intents and purposes there is no "warm" weather in February in Canada.

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by limba

You don't want to bike anywhere in Canada in Feb. Feb is usually our worst month.

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Shop Wrench
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by 743power

San luis obispo California seems like a popular area. Also utah and arizona.
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by Ghost234

limba wrote:You don't want to bike anywhere in Canada in Feb. Feb is usually our worst month.

December is very windy
January is very cold
February is usually snowy
March is a toss up

Last year we had early summer like temperatures in March. Other years we got 3 feet of snow. This January has been weird, one week it is very cold, the next is warm.

If you are planning on sending a group anywhere; Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, & California are your best bets. Mountainous, warm and fairly accepting of sharing the road.

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by Geoff

February is almost upon us here. I was supposed to conduct a tour of a new office building under construction, but it was -35 degrees, so the site was shut-down due to unsafe conditions. The point is, February is the wrong time for a Canadian camp. We go to Arizona, California or Hawaii.

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by prendrefeu

Pro-Tip: if overall cost-of-trip is a concern, including living expenses and day-to-day items such as food, avoid California.
We're quite pricey. :mrgreen:
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by devinci

I drive down south in the US for a few days during winter, staying on the east side. Went to GA 2 years ago and will go back for sure this year.

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by c50jim

You didn't say where you're coming from and how much money you have. Both would be useful pieces of background info. If you're in the prairies or west, Arizona is probably the best choice. Victoria can be OK but can also be rainy or windy. Better chance of good weather than Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg but still risky and I can remember my kid going to Victoria for a February training camp when it snowed but was 20C in Calgary.

I don't know what to suggest if you're in the east but Arizona is a long and probably expensive flight.

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by RudyMontana

I am from Vancouver and will say that the riding there in February can be quite good. Obviously later in the month is preferable. I am planning a trip for March and expect the weather to be quite good.

Victoria is also another good alternative. Victoria gets about half the annual rain that Vancouver gets and has great roads. It’s a popular training destination for a lot of Canadian cyclists.

If you’re driving, and not flying, the nice thing is that you can follow the weather a bit. You can start in Van and if the weather is good stick around, if it’s not your just a ferries ride away from Victoria. From a tourist standpoint both cities have loads to offer, Vancouver especially, from a cycling standpoint the argument could be made they are 2 of the 5 best cycling destinations in Canada bar none.


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by LouisN

limba wrote:You don't want to bike anywhere in Canada in Feb.

Atually, every canadian cyclist dreams about leaving the country in february :lol:

Louis :)

by Weenie

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