Looking for a new saddle - question about width??

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by G6612

I had my sit bones measured and I am at 110mm center to center. I am currently riding a Specialized Toupe Expert (143mm). LBS sized me for that on the Specialized system. Having some issues (tender parts) and would like to go to a saddle with a larger cutout. Speaking with some people they are saying I should be on a saddle around 130mm wide??

I am looking at three saddles can anyone give me suggestions or experience with any of these saddles. I know every person is different just would like to have the knowledge of peoples experience.

1. Selle SMP Stratos
2. Selle SMP Evolution
3. Selle Italia SLR Superflow

SMP's are not the most attractive and do come with a weight penalty and I do like that the SLR is a flat saddle. One thing that I do not like about my Toupe is that the tip does have a little bump up at the tip. Tends to bother me!

by Weenie

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by critracer26

My sitbones measure about 105ish, i ended up using the green foam stuff used for fake flower crafts to measure them . I have the superflow in 130 and i find it very uncomfortable but i havent given up on it completely. i find the 130 Romin to be the most comfortable so far. i have also tried the SMP composit but couldt get comfortable on it.

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by AGW

I think the whole sitbone width thing is a crock since the points that are measured aren't always the points in contact with the saddle. As you roll your pelvis forward, the width narrows to the point that maximum sit bone (sic) width doesn't matter. I also measure between 100 and 105 depending on the device and I'm just as supported on my SMP Evo as I was on an SSM Regal. It just depends how you sit.

All that said, I ride the Evo but have demo'd the Stratos. They're the same shell but the extra padding on the Stratos changes the shape somewhat. They both feel nice, but the Evo is definitely a firmer platform for performance. The more minimal padding also makes the dip in the center more pronounced.

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