SMP saddles - thoughts?

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by G6612

I am having some issues with my tender parts and was wondering if anyone can give me their thoughts or experience with SMP saddles.

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by gazrichards

Best saddles I've ever used.
Now have them on all 3 bikes and wouldn't want to use anything else.
Keeps the pressure off of your gooch and your bell end and I haven't had a saddle sore caused by friction since.

by Weenie

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by bricky21

I rode one for over a year, and for a while I couldn't imagine riding anything else. However, I've stopped using it because the SMP sits me too far back compared to a more traditional saddle YMMV. Example: I like my Anteras at 5-5.5 cm behind the BB, but to achieve that same position on my SMP I would need to put my saddle to 2.5-3 behind my BB. First of all that is illegal according to race rules, and second, but more importantly it interferes when I'm making an out of saddle effort. I liked the saddle so much in the beginning that I just decided to ride it at 5 cm setback, but It has taken enough of a toll on my lower back that I'm not using it anymore.

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by savechief

Of the approximately 10 or so saddles that I've tried over the last 1.5 years, my favorite is a Selle SMP Dynamic.
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by G6612

gazrichards what model are you using?

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by AGW

I demo'd a Dynamic and Stratos and bought an Evo. Absolutely the best saddles I've tried with regard to numbness and pressure. They're pretty curvy, so getting your angle right takes some time, but Steve Hogg has some good general recommendations for each model. Looking back, I should have gotten either a Composit or stuck with the Dynamic because of the uneven padding on the Evo, but that's a very minor complaint.

It's true though about setback differences. The seating area seems further back on SMPs so they have to be more forward for the same position as most regular saddles. They have tons of rail space though, so it's not difficult to achieve. Just might run afoul of the BB rule.

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by shadster

ive been using an evolution for the last 3 years, its a great saddle but the lack of padding can get uncomfortable after 4+ hours on the bike
after reading steve hoggs blog i would probably be better off with the dynamic

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by UpFromOne

I used to have several. IME they were great when new, but the padding on the thin sections up front break down fairly soon because that area is so small. So I felt I had to replace mine each year.

I also would mod these by peeling back the cover, cut off about 25-30mm of the nose length, and fuse the tip onto the shorter nose section with carbon wrap & epoxy. Then cut & replace the cover accordingly, and it looks like it should have in the first place. Did this because when I'd stand & pedal, the long nose would catch my shorts and I found that annoying.
It also fixed the "droopy nose" look. Sorry i don't have a pic, as i switched brands a couple years ago.

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by boolinwall

I, like many others on here I'm sure, have tried dozens of saddles. It took abit of getting used to and some time to figure out the proper position. But it was worth it. I have a Dynamic and couldn't imagine ever going back to anything else. From time to time I get brave and put my Prologo Scratch HWD on my bike or my Regale, but I quickly go back to the SMP. Odd looking, takes some time to get used to, and as one member said, will catch the back of your legs from time to time while putting in hard out of the saddle efforts (It's a bigger issue on a trainer I find than outside) but worth it to have no pain in tender areas.
If you use a seat post with a weak clamp, forget it though. The rails point on a downward, back angle and you get a crap load of leverage off that high tail. It'll slide backwards pretty easily on some posts. I can't use my 3T Polladio with it for example.
It's worth mentioning as well that they have a new model coming this year. It's based on the Forma/ Dynamic base, but has more padding.

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by GazBaz

I'm on the SMP forma and it is, for me, the most comfortable saddle I've ever used. The key to getting the most out of an SMP saddle is taking the time to set it up right.

Start with it level, then get out the plumb bob and move the saddle forward/back until your knees in the right position over the pedal axel. The SMP does put you further back then most saddles. I've gone to a zero set back post to get the right position.

It's a bit of a pain but I've never regretted changing saddles.

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by haydos

I've used the Forma and Dynamic.

I echo the thoughts on the Zero Setback Seatpost...Thomson Masterpiece is an awesome example of a post that works very well with the rails...

The new saddle offered is the Dracon. It sits between the Dynamic and Lite 209 in terms of padding.

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by paddyrider

I have used an SMP Dynamic on and off and, like many, can vouch for finding the correct set up is key - once you get it it is awesome. My two cents worth is the concept of LEVEL - it was the key thing for me in getting the feel right, more so than set back.

LEVEL for an SMP bears no relation to having the rails level, nor having the flat bit level. What I found works best is getting the front and rear humps level which means the rails are tilted upwards towards the front. With this setup you sit in a very nice saddle dip and there is no tendency to slide forward and your weight is supported more by the wider rear shape.... maybe a picture helps explains it:Image

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by gazrichards

G6612 wrote:gazrichards what model are you using?

I use an evolution on the road bike
I have an evolution on my cyclocross bike that I got from a mate that removed the padding but I have re padded it
And I use the completely un padded one, I think it's a dynamic on my track bike

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by RudyMontana

I am using the SMP - Carbon and to say I am happy would be an understatement. I have had some prostate issues in the past which led me to this saddle. No issues since. They come in two sizes so make sure you select the one that will best suit your sit bones. ie:



by Weenie

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by AGW

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