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I am planning a vasectomy in the off season and am keen to get a cyclist perspective on time off the bike, advice on recovery, the return to high intensity training/racing and any long term issues?

There is some good info over on the cyclingnews letter forum but weenies know best. Any experiences/advice?

by Weenie

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by ghisallo2003

Happy to share !

I was sore for a few weeks - no major traumas with swelling, which can occur. Back on light training within 2 weeks and at 100% within a month. I may have been lucky though.

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by Gregorio

I did an easy road ride 4 days after. Bad idea, had some bruising and more swelling after about 2 hrs.
Sorry-no pictures.
Another 3-4 days later and I was ok to ride.
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by robertg

I had very little swelling and only minor soreness. I did stay off the bike for 2 weeks, and then did my riding on the trainer for 2 weeks, then switched to on the road, with no issues. Good luck.

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by bjorn240

Got it done on a Friday pm. Took a week off and rode ~50 miles 8 days later. No issues.

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by HillRPete

PJCM wrote:[...] weenies know best. Any experiences/advice?

How many grams of "cable housing" are you looking to shed? :mrgreen:

No seriously, the issue has been brought to me as well, and I'd be interested in how things go.

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by Miller

This is one thread that is definitely better without pictures.

I'd give a +1 to the earlier posts. You won't feel like cycling for a week or two, then you can do a bit, then a bit more. Treat it like you would recovery from any other injury, let your body guide you.

No long-term effects other than the obvious. Your wife/partner may love you a little bit more for making the commitment and of course contraception no longer gets in the way of having fun.

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Thanks for the responses guys.

I will plan for 2 weeks off the bike and take it easy after that.

Reassured to hear that no-one has had any long term problems.

Now to psyche myself up for it...

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by ghisallo2003

Dont forget that it takes a couple of months to take effect.

And that you should purge your system (bleed your brakes?) as often as you can to accelerate this process. Well, that is what I told my wife.

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by ScottGoBlue

My urologist recommended that I take 7 days off, with no exercise. I started riding after a week, at normal intensity level, and had no issues.

The urologist also recommended that I "abstain" for 7 days. I made it 4 days.


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by dgasmd

I am a physician myself. I took a week off. Unrelated to that, I had an infection of one of the surgical sites, minor but it involved some inflammation/swelling on one side. Still, the riding had not only any affect on it, but it did not cause any discomfort. I would say, as your doctor did, stay of exercise for a week. Then, play it by ear starting without massive intervals or efforts for at least another week. Your mileage WILL vary!!!

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by Butcher

My only advice is not to piss off the nurse or doctor before the procedure. It is amazing the amount of pain you will receive when there is not enough novocaine.

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by djm

This is Weight Weenies, I thought we only allowed discussions on castration.

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by boysa

Wow, glad I opened this up. My wife and I were just talking about this, but now, I'm not so sure. I always thought it was a day or so of recovery. Don't know where I got that idea!
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by HammerTime2

boysa, you moved to D.C. for your wife's benefit. Therefore I would say that you don't owe her snip, snip.

by Weenie

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