Will Armstrong confess??

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by HammerTime2

Thomas Weisel ... or should I say, Thomas Weasel?

Wall Street Journal Article: New Twist in Armstrong Saga
In case you can't read that due to not having a subscription, you can look at the cyclingnews summary version http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/verbruggen-had-account-with-armstrong-backer-says-ochowicz

Regarding that paragon of virtue and honesty, Verbruggen,
Wall Street Journal article wrote:From 2001 to 2004, Thomas Weisel Partners managed some of the personal assets for Hein Verbruggen, then head of the Union Cycliste Internationale, cycling's governing body, said the broker, Jim Ochowicz, in an interview.
In a 2008 interview with the <Wall Street> Journal, Verbruggen said he had never been involved in a business relationship with Ochowicz and Weisel. Reached by phone Wednesday, Verbruggen declined to comment. "It's getting ridiculous," he said when asked about the account.

Well, I suppose (if he's followed Bill Clinton's example), Verbruggen could maintain that having a brokerage account with Ochowicz in Weisel's firm does not constitute a business relationship. "I did not have business relations with those men, Mssrs. Ochowicz and Weisel."

I wonder whether Oprah or Armstrong even mentioned Weisel in the interview to be aired. Weisel does not look like Mr. Clean.

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by stella-azzurra

I never took drugs to improve my performance at any time. I will be willing to stick my finger into a polygraph test if anyone with big media pull wants to take issue. If you buy a signed poster now it will not be tarnished later. --Graeme Obree

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by mellowJohnny

Not sure I've ever had the occasion to say this before, but tonight I'm grabbing a beer and watchin' Oprah!


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by J-Nice

The Floyd Landis whistleblower lawsuit in its' entirety, 34 pages long. Makes for interesting reading.

The good stuff begins on page 14 under the headline "The US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team"-

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0UaqYG ... 1&sle=true" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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by monkeyburger

Good Lord, look at the size disparity between LA and Oprah :unbelievable:
...finding my inner Onoda-kun...

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by Getter

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by elviento

A bit curious, as touching one's ears is a known sign of lying. In fact, he touches his face and ears quite a bit...
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by spytech

anything after the first 30 seconds was a lie... why did i bother watching this?

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by Tapeworm

"Tells" denoting a particular psychological response, ie: an ear tug means the person is lying are complete bollocks. It does usually indicate the person is nervous which could be any number of reasons. Lying may or may not be one of those reasons.

Question is: does Armstrong have anything to be nervous about? I am thinking quite a *f##k* bit.
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by HammerTime2

Where's his apology to Greg?

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by joestralia

Was Oprah wearing an Astana kit, she looked great. Oh yeah I've already had 2 beers.

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by J-Nice

It was surreal watching him admit to the doping. There were moments where I knew he was lying (the 2001 Tour de Swisse, his relationship with the UCI, the bullying of teammates into getting with the program) but that is for Travis Tygart to get at.

Oprah Winfrey waas surprisingly well-informed. That I did not expect.
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by Ghost234

I felt she was pretty easy with the questions to Armstrong. There were so many "how did you feel..." questions that it felt a little silly. She also never really pursued questions, but instead chose to move onto the next question. eg. Asking about Suisse positive, she simply moved onto the next question rather than probing why there might be a disparity between Landis + Tyler and Lance.

Also wtf was up with the Camera? It kept zooming in and out randomly, moving unexpectedly. It was a little amateurish.

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by UpFromOne

It must be tough for the feds, to have made the prior deal to put the investigation on hold and give la time to set all this up (ie for him to figure out HOW he will assist them to bring down UCI/USAC, make the alliances to do so, etc.), then when the magic time comes, have la be reluctant about it all, trying to play both sides (his own, and honoring the fed's "arrangement").

He's no superman, never was. But his drive to power is right up there with the big boys, all the way to what will be his fizzly end. Really, who gives a rats butt if he competes anymore? Gimme a break, this is all about his financial future for the long term, AND in the short term trying to stay outta the pokey (while the bankers and real crooks get off every time).

Can you imagine the pressure on him?
LA: what are you in for?
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LA: uh, trying to ride my bicycle real fast???
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