Armstrong now riding Crumpton

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by natiedean24

jmilliron wrote:Frame probably wasn't built for him. I assume he's borrowing it.

That's exactly what I was thinking; that bike probably wasn't built for him.

He has convinced some rich, star-struck lackey to lend him a bike.

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artray wrote:Nice slam stem on the pirates bike :thumbup:

Pantani rode Custom
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by Weenie

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by LionelB

Someone who knows told me that he had to quickly find a bike before the livestrong charity ride as he was dropped by Trek a few days before. That someone also told me it is a stock 57 corsa team.

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by mellowJohnny

He owns a bike shop! Gotta think they could have FedEx'd him a bike a the drop of a hat, no? An nice Oltre maybe? Pinna?

Unless MellowJohnny's dropped him too... ;-)

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by natiedean24

He very well could have gotten it from Mellow Johnnies. They have a Crumpton displayed in the basement last time I was there.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Someone needs to show majklnajt those shots...

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by majklnajt

Why?! :D :D :D :D

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by petepeterson

new rule for critiquing positions of pros and milk bottle legged amateurs.

You must post a shot of your position first okay?

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by Vagabond

HammerTime2 wrote:Mamil ,ha, ha. Here's what comes up when you google Mamil


Lance and the other guy have a ways to go yet.

I love this photo. I admire someone like this who is clearly very self-assured and completely without a care in the world what others think of his appearance. First I've heard of mamils. That's funny even to a mamil such as myself.
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by Mr.Gib

LOVE that photo also. Love the length of the bib shorts on the guy - past the knees!. And socks with sandals to top off the look. Very stylish.

I always wonder if he rode a bike there. I'd like to see a photo of that also.
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by Colonia

konky wrote:Lance obviously likes big frames. As we know he's a big guy with long legs yet riding with not too much seat tube showing. That bike doesn't seem to fit him too well.

He's got plenty of seat tube showing. It's a traditional frame. His frames are usually 58s --1cm larger than what most 5'10-11" guys would use, because he needs the extra reach. As much as I dislike him, his fit is great; he isn't built right to get that textbook "Euro pro" look, and I am pretty sure looks are last on his list when it comes to a proper bike fit.

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by jmilliron

Armstrong now riding Moots Vamoots RSL.

(just in case we're keeping track)
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by edesigner

artray wrote:Most people will not know what bike he his riding . As long as it does not say Trek . He still owns some of Trek so wants to keep the damage limitation going . You cannot start picking Armstrongs fit apart because he doped, you will be picking on quite a lot of pro riders if thats your criteria. Doped or not Armstrong is one hell of a bike rider.

He was a good rider no doubt. I raced Srs when he raced Jrs.. great tenacity. He was no Lemond but you can't really pick his fit apart so much. He has a curved back and they did the best they could. Yes his stage race results were skewed because of his benefit from EPO having a natural lower one vs other pros... all that aside he could hold his own in one day races back in the day.

Now if you are picking apart fit... I would love to see what a 20-30 something Sean Kelley would be like if he was properly fit with today's equipment. :lol:

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by djconnel

What was wrong with Kelly's fit? It actually looks a lot more like present-day fits than contemporary, which by today's standards look painfully stretched out.


by Weenie

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by Wingnut

OMG a past pro on the drops with bent arms! Maybe today's pro's should take a look...
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