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by bikewithnoname

Nice! Not clear if they are campag compatible?

Someone give th a try please and let us know how they perform, I would guess ti may stretch a bit?
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by Miller

£60 for a pair of gear inner wires?! And yes, being titanium one would expect them to be stretchier than steel.

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by TheRookie

The Youngs moduals (known as the Modulus of elasticity) of steel is circa double that of titanium, however the force required to stretch a rear gear cable of circa 1.5m length by 1mm is 13Kg (21Kg for steel) in reality it's not that relevant!
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by ave

Half the force required for 1mm strech and you say it's not that relevant? How is that so?

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by adidavas

nice weight, but price is to high for this.

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by styrrell

ave wrote:Half the force required for 1mm strech and you say it's not that relevant? How is that so?

because half the force is still10x the force that will ever be applied.

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by uraqt

No rust

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by Estelja

Shift cable also:

The flexibility might help in some of those convoluted internally routed set ups.

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by artray

Next time I cable up, Im going to give them a try

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