Your goals for next season.

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by campbellrae

Hi all,

Not sure if this has already been done, but thought I would give it a go!

Basically the idea was to set up a thread where people could make their goals for the season public and then update as they achieve them. Might help some people(myself included) with motivation or different ideas to help with training and racing!

So I'll start it off:

MTB - First season back racing after 5 years off, 4 of those off the bike so not hoping for too much. Will be racing both the Scottish XC Series and some of the rounds of the British NPS in the Sport category with the aim of getting my Expert license by the end of the 2014 season.

Other than that I want to do a few marathon events, Kielder 100, Tour de Ben Nevis and hope to finish in the top 20%.

Road - Want to get my 10 mile TT time back under 23 minutes and get my 3rd Cat road licence. Due to starting racing again I am a 4th Cat so pretty keen to progress.

Nothing too specific for the 2013 season as I am just returning to racing after a break as already mentioned. Will come up with more specific goals as the season progresses and I get a more realistic view on my fitness/competitiveness!

So, what are your goals?


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by stella-azzurra

To eat less chocolate, cheese and gelato. :mrgreen:
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by Weenie

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by beardking

Due to starting racing again I am a 4th Cat so pretty keen to progress.

this reads like you used to be a a higher cat rider? in the uk you can't drop back down from 3 to 4 (I take it you are uk based as you posted a ben nevis MTB race)

I'll post some next season goals later. need to fulfil my final goal of this season and win my club hill climb in 5 weeks

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by campbellrae

Raced at a fairly high level as a youth then got injured in an MTB race crash where I basically ripped my calf muscle off the bone so was starting again from scratch! So I have never had a Senior licence and will therefor be a 4th Cat.

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. So will mainly be doing the Scottish and north of England races!

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by tinchy

To ride my bike and enjoy it I guess, same as ever.
Though I am planning a good bit of trans-europe touring over the uni summer holiday - where exactly not decided yet :thumbup:

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by LeePaton

First year racing for me so

Realistic : Move up a category.

Hopeful : Win a race.

Hoping that MTBing will bring the win.

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by artray

To win all 3 grand tours and have a threesome with bbc newsreaders Kate Silverton and Susanna Reid.

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by btompkins0112

artray wrote:To win all 3 grand tours and have a threesome with bbc newsreaders Kate Silverton and Susanna Reid.

Haha! Same for me, except replace Kate and Susanna with Fox News anchors Megyn Kelly and Martha Maccallum.....

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by tonytourist

Maybe do more than two races :beerchug:

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by g_doraz

FTP up to 5W/kg. Possible? We'll see!
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by HammerTime2

If you eat and train right, and take some "special" vitamins, it may just be possible at that.

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by jmilliron

Weight is good. Power is a bit low. Not too worried though. Been riding since 2007 and I've improved slowly but measurably every year. Guess my goal for next year is to get a few podiums and upgrade to Cat 3.
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by JamieL

Goals for next year already? still more than a month to go until my hillclimb goals for this year...

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by Roobay

to stay fit and well. had a bad year with various ailments :? loose some more weight and get me Crumpton or a Baum frame
Ride more miles in the sun :beerchug:
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by Illuminate

Lose a serious amount of weight and get back racing.

Starting looking after myself better.

Try a new bike (as my Klein Q Pro XX isn't exactly soft).

Rekindle my misspent youth.

Get my career back on track rather than stay in the same role that I'm currently in.

Fit a child seat to my commuting bike (mtb) and introduce my little boy (currently 9m) to the joy of bike riding.


by Weenie

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