And the prize for most creative doping excuse goes to....

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by dereksmalls

So not a cycling related story but from the Inner Ring and fairly crazy! How could she expect anyone to believe her I don't know!

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by wingguy

Phenomenal. It conjurs up so many questions I barely know which ones to choose. I guess you could start with how the f**k would she find out that's what happened and why didn't everyone else who was tested in that race also test positive?

But on second thought you should probably just point and laugh :lol:

by Weenie

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by artray

Same thing happened to me . :lol:

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by HammerTime2

She should have teamed up with O.J. Simpson to search for the real medical waste, and indeed verify that it contained EPO. Or was it already gone by the time she got her test result? It's a good thing she didn't stop for a burger along the way, or she might have tested positive for clenbuterol as well -or is it only Spanish cows which have that - although, are there horse meat burgers in France, is everything in la chevalerie clenbuterol-free? Also, baed on that picture, are we sure she hasn't been "doping" with botox?

Probably next we'll find out that senior citizens power-walking around the mall before it opens in the morning are doping in order to get a better time than their bridge club partners.

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by campbellrae

Apparently liver is very high in clenbuterol naturally, UK sport tells their athletes to avoid eating lots of it :lol:

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by tuba

sounds legit

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by dj97223

She shoulda claimed she had a golden shower with bertie.
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by Weenie

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