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by Tapeworm

Actually a misnomer, you can see it real clear like - once deployed. An innovative idea none-the-less and may potentially be better than a standard helmet in terms of the neck bracing.

Not so good for evil killer magpies...
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by HammerTime2

With a little redesign, this would be perfect for Mark Zuckerberg. This could be sold as the FB H^2 - The Facebook Hoodie Helmet -perfect for today's safety and environmentally conscious hacker. No more excuses, you'll always be wearing your helmet, and who knows, maybe even when making love (we'll have to ask Priscilla about that).

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by stella-azzurra

This was posted a few years ago. Good idea but not practical.
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by Geoff

My 4-year-old sez: 'but, it looks like an ass-hat...'

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by Leviathan

From the Olympics watching, it seems many of the Equestrian x country riders were wearing an "airbag" which seemed to work pretty well to protect against back damage in the event of a fall..It interesting to see how these are triggered, but I dont see why a cycle crash isnt in many ways similar..and if the "helmet" has less mass than a conventional one it presumably will reduce neck damage :noidea:

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