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by Wingnut

My 20 yr old Silca...still going strong...

"It's not the's the ride!"

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by stella-azzurra

My cheap Joe Blow floor pump has been working for the past 10 years.
A lot of the issues with pumps that are constructed well and have a decent design comes down to customer usage.
Some users simply do not know how to use a pump.
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by Weenie

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by uraqt

posting pictures of pumps, no I have really gone off the deep end...

not as nice as Wingnut's but it "keeps getting the job done"


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by Wingnut

Lol...I tell my kids "this bike pump is older than you!"
"It's not the's the ride!"

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by mvogt46

@Wingnut agree, my Silca is one of the newer models without the wooden handle but is excellent

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by mdeth1313

I have a 10 year old silca superpista that needed a replacement gasket after 7 years of daily use (4.95). At some point about 4 years ago I picked up a serfas floor pump, the 606 model or something like that for about 5 dollars w/ a gift card and while cheap, it's actually works really well. Never had an issue with it.
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by kac

I use a Silca floor pump I purchased in 1982. No problems...ever. Easily replaced parts, but they rarely need replacement. It works...period.


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by blantonator

daj wrote:Replace the Lezyne head with a rennkompressor brass push-on head. Problem solved.


how does the brass bush-on head work?

what holds it onto the valve stem?

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by micky

The soft rubber inside the brass head which is replaceble when needed.

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by blantonator

any US distributors sell it?

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by KWalker

I've had the same random Bontrager pump for the better part of 8-9 years and its worked like a charm. I don't get how some people break pumps, but I have noticed that several brands have terrible base joints. Specialized in particular has a pump body that screws onto the base, which loses its seal as the threads back out a bit.
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by artray

I got a floor pump from Tesco's ,it cost £10 about 4 years ago and still works great. On rides I carry a tiny little pump it must be about 15cm or so and it works fine as well and gets my tyres up pretty hard about 100psi .

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by todibble

Everyone loves Silca. I bought one last year. It had a brass and plastic head. Broke in 1.5 tires. Thought, ok, maybe a fluke. Bough a new head, all medal, from QBP (but Silca branded). Broke after the second tire. Now the pump sits in the corner collecting dust. POS

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by HammerTime2

Everyone loves the old Silcas. I'm not quite sure how old is old enough.

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by bluesea

Had a late 80's orange Silca, Columbus tubing etc. It worked, it got old. Got a Spec Air Tool Pro. It worked, Silca got thrown out. Got over it.

by Weenie

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