Most breathable jersey ever produced?

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by athletic

I'll have a 500k ride in one day next weekend under 40C degree and humid weather.
Having several brands of cycling jerseys including sleeveless, also running singlets which are way much breathable, but not having rear pockets and zippers.

I would like to know most breathable cycling jersey ever produced. Having rear pockets and zip are must. Can be better sleeveless and soft fabric. It can have gigantic big holes which doesnt matter for me, just I need a working one for scorching weather.

Yeah, you can say, ride it topless but then I wont be able to carry my stuff and also wont be able to lay down on my back in the night right after this long and fully sunny ride

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Can't really answer your question, but if you get one of those super thin jerseys, be sure to apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your back before you start. Better yet, apply one layer two hours before you go to bed, and another one an hour before you start. No showering. That way your skin will be loaded with sunscreen, and not be washed off by the sweat so easily.

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by jdp211

I have a Rapha lightweight jersey thats super breathable and I believe they came out with a super lightweight version of the same. I believe Castelli also came out with an ultra lightweight summer line (as worn by Garmin Sharp) that they recommend wearing sunscreen under due to how thin it is

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by Maximilian

Rapha have just release a super lightweight jersey and the new "Columbian" jersey might be really light from memory. If Rapha isn't your type of thing some of the Craft jerseys which RSNT use in hot weather are practically. Other than that Castelli et al are worth a look.

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by KB

I have the Rapha Lightweight (no good for really hot days IMO) and Super Lightweight (more appropriate). However, I still prefer the Assos jerseys (I have one with mesh sides).

Rapha styling is great, but not in the same league as Assos IMO.

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by Machinenoise

Yep my team kit is castelli and we have the aero and lightweight jerseys printed up, like with team sky at the tour you can quite easily see the bibs of the shorts the riders are wearing through the back panel, and I've seen a few amusing suntan/burns through the back mesh! Definitely sunscreen all the way! Good luck too, there is no way you'd find me riding 500km!

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by konky

I've got the Assos sleeveless. Living in wet and windy England (now even in summer) I hardly ever get to use it. It's got the usual Assos pockets. Very light and cool.

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by crohnsy

How about just a good baselayer?

and coupled with

You could stay cooler and save on sunscreen?

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by BeeBee30

This is pretty breathable, but only has pockets if worn with the jacket :lol: Image
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by airwise

The Castelli climbers Jersey is on a par with the Assos sleeveless IME without leaving bare shoulders.

The Rapha "lightweight" is sadly nothing but.

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by shadwell

I have found the Assos SS jerseys with a craft sleeveless mesh base layer to be the best to date...
I live in Queensland Australia in the Tropics so its a fair comparison...

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by HammerTime2

500 km ride in one day under 40C degree and humid weather?

Don't worry about the jersey. Make sure you drink (water) early, drink often. Eat early, eat often.

Where is the ride taking place?

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by rustychain

Best I have used in very hot/humid weather is made by Nalini ( The "Linea Team Collezione Pro" A word regarding fit. This stuff is made for real cyclist . My left leg weighs more then your average pro. I usually wear a large. In some brands I wear an extra large. On this jersey I am in an embarrassing XXlarge and it is still tight. Anyway it has a full zipper, has sleaves but wicks very well but offers little sun protection, I just held it up to my computer screen and I can read the monitor :unbelievable: . It has lasted me a full season of heavy use and still looks new. Buy the white one if you really want to reduce the heat.
I use the Craft base layer sometimes, not sure of the model but it cost around $40 USD so not cheap but has lasted well.
I also am a big fan of using a sponge in hot weather on the back of my neck
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by swinter

konky wrote:I've got the Assos sleeveless. Living in wet and windy England (now even in summer) I hardly ever get to use it. It's got the usual Assos pockets. Very light and cool.


I have several of these, which I wear in 32C + weather. Better than naked.

You can pick up one cheap here: ... ='6332-70'
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by Weenie

roca rule
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by roca rule

i am going to recomend no sleeveless for such a long ride. i ride a gore ride on that i just recently bought for pbk. the fabric is really light and of good quality and is one of the coolest that i have tried for around $60 usd. i believe is the gore contest. the only dawback is the lack of a full zipper, but the zipper is 3/4 so it should be enough.

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