cool way to protect bald scalp from sun

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by taina

Thanks for this information. Two points based on my recent experiments:

Covering less head area helps reduce heating, sweating, foggy glasses. Don't let a cap cover the ears. Don't pull it low on the forehead. Arrange it so it just covers the top of the head.

Using a piece of cloth that just covers the top of the head works ok, but for some kinds of cloth, sweat can leach stuff from the cloth that runs into your eyes and stings.
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by KH1

SPF50 sport sunscreen also works :D
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by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Can anyone recommend lightweight and breathable caps (with brim)?

Rapha's is the only one I found so far, is it any good?

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by Rick

Halo headbands:
Similar to Headsweats, but have a small ridge of polymer material across the inside front to deflect sweat away from the eyes.


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by Camilo

I have a few "Evap Cap" from Performance and I like them a lot. ... m=evap+cap

My guess is that they're identical to the nashbar version linked above, except for different color combinations (I like full-white!) They are very minimal and not even noticable (to me) in hot weather. I do think they improve evaporation and cooling as opposed to feeling warmer. I wear them virtually every ride now. I do believe it not only functions for sweat evaporation and keeps it from running down my face and protects the top of the head from sun, but it also keeps the inside pads of my helmet much cleaner, fwiw. Easier to wash the skull cap than remove and wash the helmet pads.

I also have, I believe, a Headsweats coolmax cap. ... 1_302052__

It is just about the same kind of material, similar forehead sweat band, and it works fine too. What I don't like about it is that it has the flap of material dangling down the back. I don't know why those are so popular - the tied bandana pirate look? No funciton as far as I can tell. If the flap was a little wider, it could provide sun protection to the back of the neck, which would be good, but it isn't substantial enough for that.

Another reason I prefer the Performance offering is that it is more minimal, it just barely covers the top of the head with the sweat band in front about where the front of the helmet comes to on the forehead and is well above the ears on the sides.. The Headsweats cap is quite a bit larger. It actually covers the top of my ears. Might just be made for larger heads.

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by mdeth1313

KH1 wrote:SPF50 sport sunscreen also works :D

As long as you don't mind having a multicolored "vent patch" head.
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by BobSantini

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