look pedal - safe to use?

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by project3

Do you all think my pedal is safe to use? i still can cleat on! what is the function of the metal plate?


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by incognitus

Hard to say, the pic is pretty dark. Is the plate just dented at the side or detached from the body? If its just dented, I would say it's not a biggie. If the plate is detaching, I would worry that the plate would come off completely eventually and block the mechanism so that you can't unclip.

The plate itself is just providing a stable (and durable, hence metal) platform that your cleat "stands" on.

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by tcurtbike

It's the wear plate. If you can clip in, the pedal is fine to use. You may notice a bit of play in your cleats and the pedals may not feel as solid as before.

If you plan on tapping it back into position, make sure you line up the metal to fit into the grooves exactly. I had to chuck my last pair of Keo Blades because I wasn't careful and bent it so I couldn't clip in. IMO it's the Keo Blades only weakness, Look should have designed the plate like the DA 7900 pedals, with the wear plate attached to the pedal body with screws:


Much more repairable, but I guess heavier.

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by Geoff

Won't Look replace that?

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by ave

It was crashed. Why would LOOK replace it?

Burning Dogma
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by Burning Dogma

The same happened to me and the pedal is fine. The metal plate was bent and was making an irritating noise while pedaling so I had to "compress" it with pliers. Try to do the same and if possible fit the border of the plate back into the groove in the pedal body.

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by Spindoctor

get some new pedals cheapskate - hell... its an excuse to bike bit shop... what are you waiting for?
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