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by beardking

tonytourist wrote:There should just be a link to CyclingNews' Clinic forum :lol:

some of the info on there is interesting, but they seem to think nearly everyone is a doper

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by kulivontot

What's the most lightweight form of doping out there? I figure epo and blood transfusions would add all this extra mass from the additional red blood cells, but a little T or HGH cream shouldn't add too much to the overall mass.

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by BobSantini

^^^ I think it's limb doping. It's rife in the disabled olympics - carbon fibre legs everywhere.
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by dereksmalls

I hear breathing harder is pretty a light weight form of doping and it's an unfair advantage if you can breath more than others :lol:

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by stella-azzurra

prendrefeu wrote:.
stella-azzurra wrote: And by the way even with drugs the person that does not have the genetic disposition will still be slower than the person that has the genetic natural ability for high aerobic work. Conversely people who have the high aerobic ability and take drugs may or may not benefit from the drug because each drug has a different affect on each one of us.

Do you have any examples for that statement? (italicized and in bold)

That would be simple to deduce. For example a person that was not genetically gifted outputs 300W peak power for 10 minutes. They then take EPO and increase their performance by 15%. The usual gain is 10-15% in most cases. So a 15% increase will result in a 345W output. An athlete that is genetically predisposed will naturally output 400W - 500W for the same 10 minutes without EPO. We are not taking into account rider weight. This is just a number example.
The link below explains it better. ... e-who.html

also this :-)
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by Frankie - B

Sometimes I wish there weren't any bike races. This is one of the reasons. Each and every year we need to tell you that we don't want a doping duscussion. We already had a few and they didn't end up well either.

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