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by HillRPete

So I don't really care about tanning, and especially not at the price of health, hence have been using double digit protection for years. The result consistently left me very pale among my friends who range between entire rejection of sun protection, and using low single digit products for the longest days out.

What's your take?

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by fa63

No point in risking skin cancer for vanity. Keep on using your SPF 50+ sunscreen if you ride out in the sun for any appreciable amount of time (for me, that is more than 5 minutes, so pretty much every ride).

by Weenie

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by Rick

Slathered with 50+

I have already had one skin cancer removed from my face.

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by limba

and if you're tired of putting goop all over your body you can try arm screens. I haven't tried them but they seem to be catching on. Most of the big companies make them.

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by headwind816

Any sunscreen you use must be "full spectrum" in order to block both UVA and UVB rays. I use Mission Sportscare on my face, Banana Boat spray on my neck (behind the head and front) and ears, and I swear by arm screens! I love my De Soto arm screens! I picked up a pair of Craft screens off Bonktown, but I have not tried them yet. Note, you still apply sunscreen below the arm screen, which I use the Banana Boat spray.

Also, do not be frugal in applying it :wink:

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by djm

Make sure you take some vitamin D supplement or eat food that is rich in vitamin D if you wear that kind of sunscreen.

A little bit of sun and natural pigmentation doesn't hurt. It's fairly healthy :-) Getting a sunburn, on the other hand, is quite dangerous.

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by Cleaner

I have had a spot removed from one arm, no fun and not cheap.

I use sleeves to avoid application of sunscreen to the arms. I use CVS Pharmacy brand SPF 45 which uses Zinc Oxide as a physical block. For the lips Burt's Bees Lifeguard's choice.

The chemical filtering agents are controversial from a health standpoint over long periods of exposure. In addition Avobenzone has ruined a couple of my jerseys, it stains in the wash and is impossible to remove.

Check out this reference on products in the USA for efficacy and risk factors (toxin etc.)

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by ave

I did a timetrial in April, it was on a sunny, warm day. I didn't use any sunscreen, I got burnt in an hour.
I did a 5 hour race two weeks ago on a very sunny, very hot day with a sunscreen my wife gave to me, factor 50.
Can't notice any tanning at all! I see no point in these 50s... Probably good for a whole day on a seaside.

I usually ride quite late, with the sun going down at the time I get home. Certainly don't need protection for these rides.
For midday weekend riding I'll use a 10-20 at the most.

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by kulivontot

Does anybody have a decent non-oily brand they use? I swear some of these sunscreens actually lock in sweat and make you bake in the sun (heatwise) worse than without it.

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by cookiemonster

Or just move to the UK... today is the first day this year that I've been out without arm and leg warmers!


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by milkbaby

kulivontot wrote:Does anybody have a decent non-oily brand they use? I swear some of these sunscreens actually lock in sweat and make you bake in the sun (heatwise) worse than without it.

Not sure if available your part of the world, but I like Neutrogena dry touch ultrasheer sunscreen. It is not oily and doesn't seem to clog my pores. It goes on a bit thick and almost chalky, so almost forces you to use a decent amount, at least as much as recommended by the experts...

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by ScottGoBlue

I live where the UV index is very high; I don't mess around with the sun. 8)

1. I wear sunblock on my face, neck, and legs. As soon as it's cool enough, I throw on the winter knee covers.
2. Arm covers (the white Pearl Izumi ones)
3. Lipcotz (titanium and zinc lip balm). I used to dry my lips really badly; not a problem with this stuff.
4. Headsweats Coolmax Shorty under the helmet. This is a cross between a sweatband and a bandanna ... keeps the top of my head safe. :shock:

The only place I've been burned recently was the little gap between my arm cover and my glove! :evil: Now I throw some sunblock on my wrist.


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by HillRPete

Hey the Neutrogena sounds interesting -- is it chemical or physical filtering though? I've been moving to physical ones over the health concerns that were already mentioned above.

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by russianbear

I use the spray on spf30 stuff and still get pretty dark, but I always tan well and hardly ever burn.

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by wojchiech

do UV arm sleeves actually work? do they actually fully protect against UV rays and tanning? I'm thinking about getting a pair, my arms are tan enough :lol:

by Weenie

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