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by Maximilian

cookiemonster wrote:Or just move to the UK... today is the first day this year that I've been out without arm and leg warmers!


You say that buy it's 27 degrees and sunny and very humid in SW London today. Evening or early morning rides from now I think.

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by xnavalav8r

HammerTime2 wrote:xnavl8v8r, which model of arm sleeves do you have,
the cheaper, heavier, higher protection (UP-50, UPF 40+ on top) ... 9.html#508" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; , or
the more expensive, lighter, lower protection (UPF 40) ... 3.html#508" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; ?
Have you thought of trying the UV leg sleeves?

Mine are the heavier version you listed first, with the mesh fabric under the arm. I love them. I have never seen the leg sleeves anywhere. But I would happily try them. I've had the tops of my knees blistered on long rides... just below the hem of the shorts.

by Weenie

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by ksroadie

Anyone using the Assos arm protectors? How do they compare to the Pearl izumi sun sleeves?

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by davidalone

I use assos summer arm coolers. Love them. Live in SEA on the equator and I dont feel hot at all with them on. the elastic is not so tight that they have a 'death grip'
they fit well, although if you have long amrs ( like me) there tends to be a gap under your sleeve that I can't quite cover. but still fantastic. great buy.

I ahve no expereince with pearl izumi, but I've used champion system arm coolers. the assos is 10x better.

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by ksroadie

Thanks, David!

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