Strange things that could happen in the tour

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by artray

What strange events could happen in the tour this year. Will someone get knocked off there bike by a dog again, or TV car? Will someones handlebars get caught up in a handbag? Will someone hit a policeman full on while trying to win the sprint ?

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by quattrings

Astana will get attacked by bears and Jens Voight will win the tour :lol:

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by Tapeworm

Cadel will set his dog to piddle in the helmets of his opponents.

Cav will go all "Goss" and pull second in every sprint, wins the green anyway.

Wiggins gets in yellow but looses too much time when blown off the road by a rather stiff

Jens goes all Chuck Norris and does the cycling equivalent of a roundhouse kick on Gilbert, wins stage.
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by HarryS

Schleck Bros. podium all the TT stages.

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by SolidSnake03

HarryS wrote:Schleck Bros. podium all the TT stages.

OP Said strange not downright impossible
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by Frankie - B

locked for the obvious reasons.
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