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by ultyguy

I have to admit that I've always been a bit conflicted about the whole boutique frame building thing. On one side I drool over and would love to have an artisan frame built by a great Italian/American/French frame builder. My point is in no way to detract from their work, there's some beautiful frames out there and if the market is willing to support their high prices, so be it. But, on the flipside, there is an inordinate amount of press supporting their cause ('soul' mags etc etc) that I find a bit zzzzzz.

However, given that most of the bike frames in the world these days are made in Tawain and China, wouldn't probability dictate that someone out there building frames in one of these giant factories actually has become quite an expert at his trade by doing his '10,000 hours'? If so, who is out there, I imagine they haven't been well documented? Carbon? Ti? Steel?

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by Valbrona

Sheila Wong in Shenzen makes a mean frame.

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